Friday, May 05, 2006

Man's Best Friend/ Song of the Day

Summer vacation is a week away from today and I'm psych about it! Yay! =D Wait! I'm taking summer courses this summer. Never mind! =( Oh well, it's still summer, and that means marathon of TVB series watching!! hehe... Since I'm going to be having lots of free time (I hope) what series should I watch or re-watch?

1.) Detective Investigation Files IV
2.) Cold Blood Warm Heart
3.) Golden Faith
4.) Square Pegs
5.) Witness to a Prosecution
6.) Game of Deceit
7.) Recipe of the Heart
8.) etc.

Can you see a similarity of all the series? If you don't, it's all the Jessica Hsuan series I have! (plus more) I love all of them. They're all very good! I could watch them and re-watch a thousand times! (which I did) =D I'm currently deliberating should I or shouldn't I watch "Man's Best Friend" (寵物情緣). First off, I've never seen it. Secondly, it stars some of my favorite artist: Louis, Jessica, Sammi, etc. Third, I've heard it's bad and that there's really no point to it. hmm...tough decision. What do you guys think?

To refresh your memories a little, here's the themesong to "Man's Best Friend;" making it my Song of the Day. Hope you guys like it! Enjoy!

Song: 真命天子 (Man of my Dreams)
Singer: Sammi Cheng 鄭秀文

Version 1: Music matches exactly to the themevideo (full-version)

Download Here

Version 2: Real version of the song; slight change in music (full-version)

Download Here

*SEN: Doesn't this song fit the series perfectly? Louis Koo! He can be anyone's "真命天子!" hehe...


Blogger aodinia said...

Personally I would watch WTAP cos I like those kinda of series! Also I'm currently watching DIF IV now hehehe. Man's Best Friend wasn't that great but the cast might be worth it. It was ages since I've watched it but I do remember LJ ending up together :)

11:42 PM 
Blogger annie said...

watch it if ur a Jessica or LJ fan. they're very cute together. it's not Oscar worthy (or in this case, TVB Anniversary Award worthy) but it's a cute love story.

also, i can't d/l that themesong u posted. it's the 1st one.

11:19 PM 

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