Monday, July 31, 2006

Who is He?

Seriously. Who is He? Mike He. Been catching up with the entertainment news, and there's reports everywhere stating that the "new guy" Mike He would be/ could be a possible threat to Ray, Ron, Bosco, and Kevin. lol...this is interesting. Don't know much about Mike myself. What he looks like (good looking or bad)? Good actor or not? Sings? Dance? etc. etc. I don't know. For those like me, who doesn't know what Mike He looks like, here he is:

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So...what do you guys think? A threat or no? Personal opinion, I don't think the the 4 young "Siu Sungs" (小生) have anything to worry about. Their fan base are growing every day! No threat there. Btw, does anyone besides me think Mike looks awfully similar to Eddie Lee (李雨陽) or is it just me? huh.... =/

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Saturday, July 29, 2006

Under the Umbrella of Love #9-#10

Sorry for postponing my UTUOL feature over and over again. Things just kept on coming up that’s either more interesting for me to post or I was just too preoccupied. Sorry! =( As promised, an UTUOL!!! Woohoo!! (listens…hears complete silent) Seems like I lost most of my readers. lol…that’s not good. ;-) make up for the constant postponing, here’s a double UTUOL. Hope you guys like it!

Under the Umbrella of Love #9

Lam Yut Gong (林一江) & Gei Hoi Sum (紀開心)

Series: Love Bond (心花放)
Cast: Michael Tao (陶大宇) & Kenix Kwok (郭可盈)
Year: 2005

In the 1990s, it’s filled with infamous couples that we liked pairing up or still like for them to pair up today. Bobby and Esther. Lawrence and Ada. Louis and Jessica. And of course, Kenix and…no, not Frankie, but Michael! hehe…kinda obvious. ;-) Ever since collaborating in the Detective Investigation Files series (I-III) back in 95-96, Michael and Kenix are well known for their compatible chemistry onscreen. And with their recent productions together, “Shine on You” & “Love Bond”, it really shows that their flame hasn’t faltered, but burns on (onscreen is what I meant).

Another perfect couple caught under an umbrella. Ahh…how sweet! =D To be honest, I completely forgot about this couple in this series and in this scene. (Thanks for reminding me!) Kenix and Michael are not one of my favorites of all time, since I only watched them in SOY and LB, and they were just okay. DIF? ehh…hardly remember them. Unlike my past UTUOL features, where the love was between both parties, this is more…one-sided; only initiated by Hoi Sum as Yut Gong was ignorant to know what's going on. But still...small little glances, sweet secretive smiles, caught in the rain. Perfect! UTUOL #9!!


Under the Umbrella of Love #10

Seet Sui (薛水) & Gei Hoi Sum (紀開心)

Series: Love Bond (心花放)
Cast: Moses Chan (陳豪) & Kenix Kwok (郭可盈)
Year: 2005

If I'm keeping my series straight, LB should be Moses and Kenix's 2nd series collaborating together. First time as husband and wife in "Take My Word for It" (談判專家) and the second time in LB. TMWFI doesn't really count much as Moses' part was basically a cameo role; hardly any screen time with Kenix. While in LB there's much more.

From my own opinion, I enjoyed Kenix pairing up with Moses more than Michael. It was just more interesting and so much funnier! Such as the screen captures taken, where Moses was trying to win over Kenix's heart. There was another scene of Moses and Kenix caught in the rain when they were a couple, but this one was much more amusing plus I had a hard time finding the exact part of the other. Embarassing, but hope you guys liked feature #10!


*SEN: Just a little fyi, I really like Kenix's facial expressions when taking screen caps for this feature. Her expressions were priceless! To the guys: If a female likes you, was surprised by your presence, and welcomes your company, she'll look like this:

If she doesn't like you, is bored by your mere presence, and wants to find a way to leave in the easiest way possible, she'll look like this:

hehe...what?! I think it's pretty accurate. What do you guys think? ;-) *

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Clips of TVB's Scoop: Interview of the Newlyweds!

hehe...once again postponing the UTUOL feature. I know I know...I'm lazy. *shrugs sheepishly* ;-) Found some clips about Roger & Cindy's wedding this past weekend on the lastest edition of TVB's Scoop. Not sure if it's posted elsewhere, but hope you guys enjoy it! =)

Clip Credits:

1.) Cindy Au's (Kwok's) Interview: Why the secrecy?

Watch It Here

2.) More details about the Wedding:

Watch It Here

3.) Celebrities Interview: Who knew about the Wedding?

Watch It Here

*Sorry, the links clicked can just be viewed and not be downloaded. I didn't want to d/l the whole epis of the Scoop via BT links. RIta (Toomanysidesofme) told me the link can be d/l using ASFrecorder. Haven't tried it myself, but if it works, credits to her! =) *

Monday, July 24, 2006

Congrats to Mr. & Mrs. Roger Kwok!

I was going to post up an Under the Umbrella of Love feature today, but there's been a slight change of plans. No sweet UTUOL moments of mine would out-shine this pair of newlyweds today! First off, congrats to Roger and Cindy on their surprising marriage to one another this past weekend. Did anyone expected them to tie the knot this fast? I didn't! Almost fell out of my seat when saw the news! No...I didn't actually fall out of my chair; just saying that I was surprised. ;-) Disneyworld HK for wedding to take place? That's so sweet! And probably so much fun! Roger looks so much like Prince Charming (白馬王子) in his white suit and Cindy, a princess (公主) look-alike in her wedding gown. Definitely a fairytale wedding to remember. Again, congrats to Mr. & Mrs. Roger Kwok. May they have a happy life together for now and for always. =)

*UTUOL feature? ehh...I'll postpone it for tomorrow's postings. =D *

Sunday, July 23, 2006

Series Recommendation?

Summer's about to be over; about 1 more month until the fall semester starts off again. Whoopie...(I sound so excited, don't I?) *sigh* So fast it went by! my last month of freedom, I'm trying to find some good series to watch. Any good recommendations, anyone?

Just recently, I finished watching Forensic Heroes, which was not bad nor the best series of the year. Before it was released, FH was dubbed as the modern version of Witness to a Prosecution and if you've seen it, there's not much similarities between the two, but more of CSI instead. I'm not a real fan of watching CSI, so no comparisons by me. Everyone did relatively okay, but some characters really do stood out amongst the rest, aka Yoyo's Madam Leung Siu Yao and Linda's Lam Ding Ding. Yoyo did really well in this series; one of the most enjoyable characters I've seen her portrayed. Breakthrough role? Nah...still not yet, but acceptable. Linda's a little should I say this?...annoying in this series? lol...I might be weird liking her after one series and turns around and hate her for another. But seriously! If you've seen (or heard) Ding Ding at the beginning, middle, and some parts of the end, she's quite pitchy when saying her dialogues. Linda's more quiet and mellow character roles are more suitable for her. Just my opinion.


Le Femme Desperado and Safe Guards were great, too. Especially surprisingly SG, since I rejected this series earlier this year; mainly because of one person: Elaine Yiu. I think she's a terrible actress! I still do. Seen both RDOV and SG, and my impressions of her are still quite low. Other than that, SG is a fine series to watch. Definitely recommendable to others. Steven Ma fans: you'll love him. Wayne Lai fans: you'll love him, too. (Can't hate Wayne at all, despite all the things he's done.) *Special thanks to Ying (aka TVBsquare) for telling me to watch it everytime I talked to her; or else I would have missed it! lol...thanks! ;-) *

Other than those series, I've also watched Files of Justive V, Recipe of the Heart, Game of Deceit, Old Time Buddy and A Smiling Ghost Story. Yes...I admit...I can watch alot of TVB series if I want to. And pretty fast, too. hehe... =D So...any suggestions? ;-)

*Special Note:
TVfanSquare (TVB Square) would officially re-open on Thursday, July 27th in its new home. (Yay!) Remember to show up for its opening day! TVBsquare has been working non-stop on it since the site first open back in 2002. With the situations earlier; dealing with TVB's legal department and thus the need to move/change the site around for the enjoyment of the fans; all her work has been phenomenal! Lets give our full support and make the new TVBsquare bigger and better than before! "Reminisce it's past...Revive it's glory...Reenter our lives...TVfanSquare: July 27th"

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Celebrities Venting II

Birthdays are supposed to be fun! Vivien seems to be happy. The cakes looks scrumptious. But too bad Vivien's shirt is venting for her. lol...on your birthday and wearing that shirt that says, "Curse!" huh... ;-) Even her thumbs up in the pic is slanted! lol...Vivien, it's only your 22nd birthday; not like you're turning 40. Now that's when the shirt is more appropriate!

Andy's been off and on (in my eyes) in the entertainment industry, and nows he's back. First filming a series w/ TVB and now squeezing his way back into the music entertainment, too. Life is hard (yes, that's true) especially for Andy at this point since he's making such an abrupt comeback. At the top of the mountain he once was, winning the Best Male vocalist for TVB's JSG in 2001, but look at his shirt! It says "I hope." Yes, keep hoping pal. No matter how much you're wanting to get back into our heads, you may not be in the same status range as before.

I know that Gillian can sing. Most even says she's better than Charlene! But how about counting numbers? lol..guess not! Since she has to keep them posted on her shirt! It's's nothing to be embarrassed about. Charlene's smiling at the camera, not laughing at you. ;-)

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Under the Umbrella of Love #7 & #8

The weather here is still sizzling hot. ahh... When will it go away! (sigh) How I wish for some rain soon. All this heat and humidity is making me weary. =I Oh far, no rain will be in our forecast for the next couple of days (what a bummer), but luckily, I still got my UTUOL feature! Yay!!! I guess it'll have to do for now. lol... ;)

Under the Umbrella of Love #7

Series: Time Before Time (大闹广昌隆)
Cast: Gordan Lam (林家棟) & Kathy Chow (周海媚)
Year: 1997

This series is one of my all-time, all-time, all-time favorites series ever! The storyline was great, the cast was awesome, and the dialogues were amusing and so sweet. Love it! Time Before Time is about a human-ghost love relationship between of Siu Fu Yung (Kathy Chow; no, she's not Niki Chow's sister) and Luk Wan Gwong/Hui Dai Gwong (Gordan Lam). Because of a tragic incident, Fu Yung get's separated from her lover, and seeks to be reunited with him or know of his whereabouts. Sounds kinda familiar, huh? Basically, very close to Seven Sisters if you've seen it, but way better.

Kathy Chow Hoi Mei, not Man Kei, but Hoi Mei, was absolutely great for this role. Her character as Siu Fu Yung was very touching and sincere, as audience can't but feel sympathetic towards her and for all she'd been through. Gordan Lam (one of my favorite actors) plays the role of Luk Wan Gwong and Hui Dai Gwong, and again, another perfect role for him. The style of speech by his Hui Dai Gwong character had turned quite memorable to a lot of the audience when aired. (Likewise with Gallen Lo's Lee Kei in Old Time Buddy). Kathy and Gordan's chemistry together were exceptional; along with a the rest of the cast, the storyline, and genre.

Time Before Time was my other reason in having thought of my Under the Umbrella of Love feature. Without the umbrella, TBT would have lost a major significance in the storyline; it is the storyline! Without the umbrella, this series wouldn't have been a classic. Without the umbrella, lots of memorable scenes between Kathy and Gordan couldn't have occurred. Bottom line: without the umbrella, there wouldn't be Time Before Time; now that would be a shame!


Under the Umbrella of Love #8

Series: Time Before Time (大闹广昌隆)
Cast: Gordan Lam (林家棟) & Florence Kwok ( 郭少芸)
Year: 1997

Time Before Time also consist of another couple that is together onscreen, but rumored offscreen: Florence Kwok and again, Gordan Lam. To me, they were best remembered as one of the funniest couple in the series, especially when they were still just boyfriend/girlfriend status. Special significant scenes were when Gordan gets Florence mad and he's trying his best to win back her forgivieness. They were so funny and compatible onscreen, despite their different personality of their characters: Florence is more of the saucy, jealous, dominating type, while Gordan was lazy and careless.

Florence Kwok back filming for TVB is great news for me. She's an awesome actress, with great potential in acting, but just never receive any recognition or fame for all these years. Like her recent character she potrayed, Yvonne, in Forensic Heroes, Florence tends to claim the role as a dominant female who's very independent from male protection. If you've seen FH, her charcter in TBT is no difference, likewise with Seven Sisters, etc. etc.

Gordan Lam, like I said before, is one of my top favorite actors. Why he's not filming with TVB and doing minor roles in movies & films is beyond me. Like Florence, Gordan has been in the entertainment industry for a long time, but got fame and was unsatisfied with his standings. Last TVB series we've seen him in should be Country Spirit, playing a weak character with great potential, easily tweaked, and a strong will. Time Before Time is more of a breakthrough role for him as Gordan needed to play a strong-will, determine business man, and a lazy, careless warehouse worker. One of his greatest performance yet, but lost out to Gallen Lo in the Best Actor award in 1997.

Monday, July 17, 2006

Yoyo and Chris denied rumors as a couple

Earlier, there was news stating that Yoyo Mung (蒙嘉慧) and Chris Lai (黎諾懿) have developed an “older female/younger male” relationship during their collaborations together. Through such news floating around, Yoyo just thought it’s very amusing. “Chris and I do have a very good relationship, but we’re more like brother and sister to each other! There’s no way it’ll lead to anything romantic! All these rumors just gives me a great laugh.” Chris also denied the rumors and said that Yoyo’s not what he had in mind as a girlfriend. “Yoyo and I are just good friends. Every time we’re finish doing a promotion, we’ll all just go out to eat together with our managers. We have nothing to hide, so it’s normal.”

Source: Orisun

Sunday, July 16, 2006

Scorching under the Sun!!

Life in Oklahoma is hot. Literally, it's very very very very...H-O-T. For the past couple of days, our temperatures are in the triple digits range and the humidity is practically unbearable at some points. That's crazy!! It's driving me crazy! But that's not the worse thing that happen to me this weekend.

Yesterday, I was watching our convenience store with my dad and my little brothers. Nothing much, just like every other weekends. But in the midst of the scorching heat (still! around 8 pm), the power had to go out. Swoosh........!!! Just like that (snaps fingers). All A/C, fans, etc. etc. were gone. Great!! It's humid and hot outside, and the power just had to go out. I was about to go crazy! Customers continued to come into the store even after the power outage; some really wanted to purchase something and leave; while others were just plain curious; peaked in and asked stupid questions. E.g. "Why are all the lights out?" (duh!) "It's getting stuffy in here." (Then go outside!) "We still got our electricity." (Well should I put a rose on your nose, too?) *sigh* As you can tell, my mood was not good then. But of course, I didn't comment and remained passive through it all (breathe in...breathe out...breathe in...breathe out...). lol...self-control. ;-) Luckily our power was restored in about 30 mins (Yay!!), and everything was back to normal for better or worse. Other than that, I had a fine weekend, thank you. was your weekend? =)

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Under the Umbrella of Love #6

lol…Yikes! I’m loosing track of what number I’m at for this feature! haha…That’s not good. ;-) Yes, I "could" scroll down my blog and look which number I’m at, but I’m too lazy. Surprised? Nah…you probably figured that out already! =P

Under the Umbrella of Love #6

Wong Tin Ba (黃天霸) & Ming Jue (明珠)

Series: A Pillowcase of a Mystery (施公奇案)
Cast: Benny Chan (陳浩民) & Tavia Yeung (楊怡)
Year: 2006

A Pillowcase of a Mystery was aired earlier this year. Watched it, and thought it was only okay. The cast was awesome, I loved it! But the storyline and the pace of everything just dragged it all down (personal opinion). Bottom line: I was very disappointed. The reasons I finished watching was mostly because 1) I had nothing else to watch at the moment, and 2) for my #6 UTUOL couple, Benny & Tavia. If my record is straight, this is their 3rd time collaborating together in a series and 2nd time paired as a couple. I actually like them pairing up in APCOM. They were so cute, funny, and witty; a perfect match. If you've seen this series, I hoped you liked them, too. If you haven't, watched the beginning where Benny and Tavia met, and the last episode. Basically, that's it for APCOM! hehe... j/k!! Go watch it and tell me what you think!


Benny Chan has come on and off from our TV screens [computer monitors] for the past years in TVB dramas; yet every time he's back, all his series average out about in the 30+ range. That's a good. A fresh image for the viewers every time we see him. So far, I've seen Benny paired up with numorous different actresses [onscreen]: Michelle Ye, Annie Man, Tavia Yeung, Linda Chung, Eileen Yeow, etc. etc. and his chemistry with them are phenomenal! I like them all! Is it just Benny Chan I like? huh...I guess so! ;-)

Tavia's newest series: "Land of the Wealth" will be coming out soon; a definite must see for me. Tavia and Steven? As a couple? Can't wait! So far, Tavia's acting has not disappointed me, so I really have nothing to criticize her about. Yet, again personal opinion, all her series are getting repetitive as Tavia's either the quiet, soft-spoken type or the wild, out-going type (APCOM was the wild, out-going one). Another breakthrough from Tavia is a must, if she wants to pass Myolie or Bernice in the long rung.


Image Credit: & TVB Square

Monday, July 10, 2006

Celebrities Showing It All

Mr. Hong Kong 2006 Winner: Francois Huynh

I have to say I'm pretty please with this year's winner of the MHK pageant. Francois Huynh. He looks cute w/ his baby face. lol... I'm getting flustered looking at his pic. haha...JUST KIDDING!!! He doesn't affect me that much! ;-) Anyways...21 of age, good looking, tall, well-built, and took part in one of TVB's "pageants;" a direct, major, huge, if not, somewhat chance of starring in some of TVB's series in the future. But so far, from my POV, I can't imagine him in any of my beloved series. Maybe later. =/

More and more new artists are joining TVB by every new series I'm watching. Some can act decently, while some are to word this...blah!! How they got a job there and landed a speaking role, is beyond me! Most newcomers come from TVB's numerous variety/reality programs: MHK, Minutes to Fames, etc. And most of them can't act. Surprising, huh? (rolls eyes) With fresh young, green artists coming into the company in constantly; the older, more experienced veteran artists have to prove that they still got it to stay in the entertainment industry.

For example, take the recent news clippings of the male artists. The Mr. HK pageant was about to go underway and in the tabloids (online news source) of artists without their shirts on are up everywhere!

Andy Hui: Filming for TVB's newest series "Lush Fields Happy Times" (肥田囍事) I believe. Btw, did Andy ever film for TVB, besides the Love...Paradise...something something with Yoyo Mung back in 2003-04? huh...(scratches head) Anyways, couple of days before the MHK pageant and showing off his upper torso physique. What MHK guys can do, so could he.

Kenny Wong: Filming for a suntan lotion ad.

Kenny's a veteran actor for TVB, yet still supporting only minor roles. Luckily he has no problem baring his chest for series; e.g. Dance of Passion. Newbie contestants coming in? Doubt it'll affect him!

Kenny Kwan:
Doing something. Sorry, didn't read the news about him. hehe.. =P

Kenny may not be filming with TVB, but he's still part of the entertainment industry. With guys like, Francois, coming into the picture, Kenny, get up on your feet!

Sunday, July 09, 2006

TVB to film a 60 episode Grand Production series

Source: Singpao

Next year would mark the 10th Anniversary of Hong Kong’s homecoming back to mainland China. In order to celebrate for the past decade, TVB wants to film a 60 episode grand production series, “Fung Wan Sui Yuet” 《風雲歲月》 (unconfirmed title); with location scenes spread out over mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Canada. All info concerning the series is still undecided and unconfirmed, but TVB will be collaborating with a China production company, with plans of its release in July of 2008.

Ever since the production of “At the Threshold of an Era” (創世紀), it’s been a long time since TVB has produced 60+ episode series. This time TVB would be collaborating with a China production company to commemorate the 10th Anniversary, with a huge grand production series, “Fung Wan Siu Yuet,” with Leung Ka Su (梁家樹) as the producer. A grand production will need a grand cast, too, inviting top “Fai Daans and “Siu Sungs” to participate. Unconfirmed cast members include: Charmaine Sheh, Jessica Hsuan, Ron Ng, veteran actor, Damian Lau, and Chan Do Ming and Chan Bo Gwok, 2 renowned mainland actors. Although the series won’t be air until late next year, many preparations are still needed; such as writing the script, organizing locations for filming, selecting cast members, etc. More meetings will be held in the upcoming future for more confirmations.

*SEN: Strong cast indeed! Hope the finalization for the cast & series would come quickly! Charmaine and Jessica collaborating again, since DIF IV?!! Yay! Damian Lau is fine, too. Ron Ng? Umm...cough...No comment! ;-)

Child actress attacked Jessica Hsuan!

Source: Next Magazine #852

Leading actress, Jessica Hsuan, was filming for her new series, “Dou Cheung Fung Wan” 《賭場風雲》 earlier last month in the Philippines. In one particular scene, Jessica was needed to film with a little child actress; playing with her in the open meadow. Before needed on the set, Jessica was wanting to get acquainted with her “little” colleague; squatting down and talking to her. To Jessica’s and everyone else’s dismay, the little girl started crying! Trying her best to cheer her up, Jessica started making funny faces to get her to smile again. Yet, instead of getting better, it had just gotten worst! The crying little girl got agitated and swung her plastic cup in hand, straight at Jessica’s face! Luckily, Jessica was able to dodge out of harms way, but was still shock with such actions. From then ‘til filming, Jessica stayed far from the girl, and likewise, the parents kept a close watch on their daughter; preventing her from attacking Jessica again.

Thought that being Jessica was bad; being Bobby Au Yeung isn’t that great either. In the past series, Bobby always had the opportunities of having the female lead in his arms. But this time around, while filming “Dou Cheung Fung Wan” 《賭場風雲》in the Philippines, not only does Bobby not get the opportunity to kiss Jessica or Tavia Yeung (Jessica shared a kissing scene with Michael Miu), he got a smooched from Benz Hui instead!

SEN: Aww...the little girl looks so cute and chubby! lol...kinda funny of the whole situation. That girl got the guts attacking Jessica! haha...~shakes head~ ;-)

Thursday, July 06, 2006

Under the Umbrella of Love #4 & #5

Under the Umbrella of Love #4

Chris (金年) & Joey (王儀)

Series: Virtues of Harmony II (皆大歡喜 II)
Cast: Frankie Lam (林文龍) & Bernice Liu (廖碧兒)
Year: 2003?

Did I ever mention that I really really like Bernice and Frankie pairing up together? Well, I do! They’re so cute onscreen! Whether in VOH or VOH II, this couple had a lot of memorable moments; of course, up to the episodes I stopped at. ;-)

“Virtues of Harmony” was Bernice’s debut series in TVB (technically, her cameo in Golden Faith was her debut, but I think not). Her acting has improved immensely since her Princess days; her comprehension/enunciation of dialogues had definitely improved, too, but who she’s pairing up with these days…umm…not that great. It’s not convincing enough. True, there might be some sweet (funny) moments here and there, such as the one she had with Kenneth Ma in ITA, or the comedic scenes she had with Moses in LB. But there’s no sweet glances, no sweet smiles that she once shared with Frankie. Such as the screen caps from above [below]. Probably, because I was watching VOH this weekend that brought forth my infatuation for them once again, but still…can we ever forget Gam Nin and Princess and how cute they were?


Under the Umbrella of Love #5

Ji Hin (智軒) & Dun Jue (頓珠)

Series: A Colourful Life (錦繡良緣)
Cast: Frankie Lam (林文龍) & Annie Man (文頌嫻)
Year: 2001

Speaking of Frankie Lam and Virtues of Harmony, why not do a double feature for UTUOL! A Colourful Life was dubbed as the shorter version of VOH by many; which can be true in some ways. First, it starred Cutie Mui, Louis Yuen, Frankie Lam; familiar faces from the VOH family. Second, it takes place in the ancient time, but instead of a restaurant there’s a fabric company. Third, they’re the constant bickering between the in-laws (mainly the females, but they are so funny!). And last but not least, the scholarly Frankie that was in bitter ends with his future spouse at the beginning and changes perspective about them later on. Bernice in VOH; Annie Man in ACL.

I have to say, without the females pairing up with Frankie, I’ll be like “Who? What was so special about his character?” Yup, I’m talking about Frankie. He’s doing the same roles over and over and over again, which is kind of irritating and can I say boring, too? True, Frankie does look smart, so he can’t play any dumb or anything minor than his outer appearances. But what if he can? I say give him a try! Tired of his scholar looks in series after series, such as: Incurable Traits, A Herbalist Manual, Virtues of Harmony, etc. A little breakthrough from Frankie, perhaps?

Annie Man is a great actress. Why she’s not promoted heavily by TVB, I have no clue. A huge lost by TVB in my book! Other than “Whatever It Takes” (天子尋龍) and ACL, Annie Man hasn’t been top female leads for any other series. Again, a huge waste of good talent. Surprisingly, Annie’s pairing with Frankie was quite enjoyable. Is it the supporting casts that made me like them? The series itself? Or that they really got great chemistry when working together? Umm…I think all 3. A Colourful Life; funny, witty, and sweet; a must see if haven’t.

Image Credit: & MetalAznWarrior's VOH Network

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Announcements! Announcements!

ahh…It’s been a couple of days since I last posted on my blog. A bit surprising to me, since I posted everyday when I first started! hmm...Yes, I’m slacking off. Been doing a lot of photoshopping lately. Am I improving? (looks at creations) Nope! Still needs a lot of practice! hehe… ;-) Well…July has officially started (yes, I’m slow, too) and some announcements are in order.

First off, my dear good friend, RIta (aka Toomanysidesofme), had her Sweet 16th Birthday yesterday, July 4th, so Happy Birthday to her! Yay!!! =D

Happy 16th Birthday, RIta!! =)

Secondly, another dear friend of mine, TVBsquare, is in need of volunteers to help make new banners for the new domain, new website, new layout, new era of TVFanSquare. If you're creative, you can help. If you know how to use paint, you can help. If you are a pro in photoshop, you can help. (looks at creations ~shakes head~ ) If you just like to have fun period and want to participate in the banner making challenge, you can help, too! Here’s the guidelines:

Keep TVBsquare Alive Banner Challenge

Banner size requirement: 480 X 140
Image format: JPEG

Color/theme: Your Choice
Images: Your Choice
Can you use TVB images: Yes, there is a big difference between TVB official image and fan creation. The fan creations do not offend TVB in anyway, so you are welcome to express your creativity.
Text Choices: (pick any 1)
1. New Home, New Style, New Birth
2. Returned Invinicible
3. Fresh ComeBack
4. Reliving the Glory
5. (your choice of text)

Please submit your entries to as soon as possible.

And last but not least, a new Under the Umbrella of Love feature will be up by tomorrow. Can you guess who it is? =)

Sunday, July 02, 2006

Behind the scenes of “Dou Cheung Fung Wan”


Michael Miu: Qu Jing Chaw
Jessica Hsuan: Lee Ching Wan
Bobby Au Yeung: Chai Foon Chung
Bosco Wong: Chai Foon Lok

The cast for TVB’s new series, “Dou Cheung Fung Wan” (賭場風雲) were filming location scenes in the Philippines earlier this month. One particular scene that they filmed was between Michael Miu and Jessica Hsuan flying a skeletal-structure airplane, a start of their blossoming relationship.

The scene talks of Qu Jing Chaw (Michael Miu), a hotel/casino mogul, in hot pursuit of gambling addict, Lee Ching Wan’s (Jessica Hsuan) heart; taking her flying on a skeletal-structure airplane for their date. The flight was breath-taking experience for Ching Wan, and once landed, she gave Jing a sweet intimate kiss!

Working for the first time with veteran actor, Michael Miu was a wonderful experience for Jessica, who had nothing but praises for him. “Michael is great actor! It’s so easy to get into character and fall in love with him! But of course, in real life, my admiration for him is just professionally and not romantically linked.” Besides a first in collaborating together, flying in a skeletal-structure aircraft was also a first for both artists. Jessica said that she felt like a bird when flying in the air. “It was definitely a breath-taking experiment for me. Exhilarating! I’m definitely willing to experience this again!” Before taking flight, Jessica had to sign a life-death contract to ensure of the safety precautions, but she’s assured that it was very safe. “Originally, the plot was needed of me to do a skydiving scene when I first agreed to the series. But after considerations by the producer of it being too risky, the scene was canceled and replace with the flying.” Michael also praised that flying in a skeleton-structural plane was actually really safe. “Don’t think the aircraft looks flimsy and all; it’s actually pretty sturdy and fast, too!”

Filming in Philippines’s hot weather was hard enough. But filming while sporting a big belly is even harder! Yet that’s exactly what Bobby Au Yeung had to do for this series. Although in real life, Bobby’s belly isn’t that big, but in order to match his character’s description, he’s needed to wear the extra belly weight despite the heat. “Filming in the heat everyday from sun up ‘til sundown was very long and tiring; especially when wearing this belly! But it’s really not that bad. I just needed to take it off every so often and air it out and air myself out!” said Bobby. “One particular scene I remembered was when I had to run from these bad guys, and my [fake] belly was swinging from side to side!; making me look very clumsy. But luckily there are just a couple of scenes/episodes that needed the belly, as my character regains his determination in life and slims down”.

In the series, Bobby plays the character, Chai Foon Chung, who’s a very sharp, intelligent man, but doesn’t use his knowledge wisely. When his family passed away, Foon Chung had full-responsibility of his little brother, Chai Foon Lok (starred by Bosco Wong), but because of his own carelessness, Foon Lok went missing! Foon Chung blamed his brother’s disappearance upon himself; causing the downfall of his determination and will-spirit. Taking on gambling as a habit and loses every time he gambles, Bobby’s character flees to Philippines to escape from his creditors.

Source: TVB Weekly Issue #471 provided by Cica