Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Under the Umbrella of Love #7 & #8

The weather here is still sizzling hot. ahh... When will it go away! (sigh) How I wish for some rain soon. All this heat and humidity is making me weary. =I Oh well...so far, no rain will be in our forecast for the next couple of days (what a bummer), but luckily, I still got my UTUOL feature! Yay!!! I guess it'll have to do for now. lol... ;)

Under the Umbrella of Love #7

Series: Time Before Time (大闹广昌隆)
Cast: Gordan Lam (林家棟) & Kathy Chow (周海媚)
Year: 1997

This series is one of my all-time, all-time, all-time favorites series ever! The storyline was great, the cast was awesome, and the dialogues were amusing and so sweet. Love it! Time Before Time is about a human-ghost love relationship between of Siu Fu Yung (Kathy Chow; no, she's not Niki Chow's sister) and Luk Wan Gwong/Hui Dai Gwong (Gordan Lam). Because of a tragic incident, Fu Yung get's separated from her lover, and seeks to be reunited with him or know of his whereabouts. Sounds kinda familiar, huh? Basically, very close to Seven Sisters if you've seen it, but way better.

Kathy Chow Hoi Mei, not Man Kei, but Hoi Mei, was absolutely great for this role. Her character as Siu Fu Yung was very touching and sincere, as audience can't but feel sympathetic towards her and for all she'd been through. Gordan Lam (one of my favorite actors) plays the role of Luk Wan Gwong and Hui Dai Gwong, and again, another perfect role for him. The style of speech by his Hui Dai Gwong character had turned quite memorable to a lot of the audience when aired. (Likewise with Gallen Lo's Lee Kei in Old Time Buddy). Kathy and Gordan's chemistry together were exceptional; along with a the rest of the cast, the storyline, and genre.

Time Before Time was my other reason in having thought of my Under the Umbrella of Love feature. Without the umbrella, TBT would have lost a major significance in the storyline; it is the storyline! Without the umbrella, this series wouldn't have been a classic. Without the umbrella, lots of memorable scenes between Kathy and Gordan couldn't have occurred. Bottom line: without the umbrella, there wouldn't be Time Before Time; now that would be a shame!


Under the Umbrella of Love #8

Series: Time Before Time (大闹广昌隆)
Cast: Gordan Lam (林家棟) & Florence Kwok ( 郭少芸)
Year: 1997

Time Before Time also consist of another couple that is together onscreen, but rumored offscreen: Florence Kwok and again, Gordan Lam. To me, they were best remembered as one of the funniest couple in the series, especially when they were still just boyfriend/girlfriend status. Special significant scenes were when Gordan gets Florence mad and he's trying his best to win back her forgivieness. They were so funny and compatible onscreen, despite their different personality of their characters: Florence is more of the saucy, jealous, dominating type, while Gordan was lazy and careless.

Florence Kwok back filming for TVB is great news for me. She's an awesome actress, with great potential in acting, but just never receive any recognition or fame for all these years. Like her recent character she potrayed, Yvonne, in Forensic Heroes, Florence tends to claim the role as a dominant female who's very independent from male protection. If you've seen FH, her charcter in TBT is no difference, likewise with Seven Sisters, etc. etc.

Gordan Lam, like I said before, is one of my top favorite actors. Why he's not filming with TVB and doing minor roles in movies & films is beyond me. Like Florence, Gordan has been in the entertainment industry for a long time, but got fame and was unsatisfied with his standings. Last TVB series we've seen him in should be Country Spirit, playing a weak character with great potential, easily tweaked, and a strong will. Time Before Time is more of a breakthrough role for him as Gordan needed to play a strong-will, determine business man, and a lazy, careless warehouse worker. One of his greatest performance yet, but lost out to Gallen Lo in the Best Actor award in 1997.


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