Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Under the Umbrella of Love #6

lol…Yikes! I’m loosing track of what number I’m at for this feature! haha…That’s not good. ;-) Yes, I "could" scroll down my blog and look which number I’m at, but I’m too lazy. Surprised? Nah…you probably figured that out already! =P

Under the Umbrella of Love #6

Wong Tin Ba (黃天霸) & Ming Jue (明珠)

Series: A Pillowcase of a Mystery (施公奇案)
Cast: Benny Chan (陳浩民) & Tavia Yeung (楊怡)
Year: 2006

A Pillowcase of a Mystery was aired earlier this year. Watched it, and thought it was only okay. The cast was awesome, I loved it! But the storyline and the pace of everything just dragged it all down (personal opinion). Bottom line: I was very disappointed. The reasons I finished watching was mostly because 1) I had nothing else to watch at the moment, and 2) for my #6 UTUOL couple, Benny & Tavia. If my record is straight, this is their 3rd time collaborating together in a series and 2nd time paired as a couple. I actually like them pairing up in APCOM. They were so cute, funny, and witty; a perfect match. If you've seen this series, I hoped you liked them, too. If you haven't, watched the beginning where Benny and Tavia met, and the last episode. Basically, that's it for APCOM! hehe... j/k!! Go watch it and tell me what you think!


Benny Chan has come on and off from our TV screens [computer monitors] for the past years in TVB dramas; yet every time he's back, all his series average out about in the 30+ range. That's a good. A fresh image for the viewers every time we see him. So far, I've seen Benny paired up with numorous different actresses [onscreen]: Michelle Ye, Annie Man, Tavia Yeung, Linda Chung, Eileen Yeow, etc. etc. and his chemistry with them are phenomenal! I like them all! Is it just Benny Chan I like? huh...I guess so! ;-)

Tavia's newest series: "Land of the Wealth" will be coming out soon; a definite must see for me. Tavia and Steven? As a couple? Can't wait! So far, Tavia's acting has not disappointed me, so I really have nothing to criticize her about. Yet, again personal opinion, all her series are getting repetitive as Tavia's either the quiet, soft-spoken type or the wild, out-going type (APCOM was the wild, out-going one). Another breakthrough from Tavia is a must, if she wants to pass Myolie or Bernice in the long rung.


Image Credit: & TVB Square