Sunday, July 09, 2006

TVB to film a 60 episode Grand Production series

Source: Singpao

Next year would mark the 10th Anniversary of Hong Kong’s homecoming back to mainland China. In order to celebrate for the past decade, TVB wants to film a 60 episode grand production series, “Fung Wan Sui Yuet” 《風雲歲月》 (unconfirmed title); with location scenes spread out over mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Canada. All info concerning the series is still undecided and unconfirmed, but TVB will be collaborating with a China production company, with plans of its release in July of 2008.

Ever since the production of “At the Threshold of an Era” (創世紀), it’s been a long time since TVB has produced 60+ episode series. This time TVB would be collaborating with a China production company to commemorate the 10th Anniversary, with a huge grand production series, “Fung Wan Siu Yuet,” with Leung Ka Su (梁家樹) as the producer. A grand production will need a grand cast, too, inviting top “Fai Daans and “Siu Sungs” to participate. Unconfirmed cast members include: Charmaine Sheh, Jessica Hsuan, Ron Ng, veteran actor, Damian Lau, and Chan Do Ming and Chan Bo Gwok, 2 renowned mainland actors. Although the series won’t be air until late next year, many preparations are still needed; such as writing the script, organizing locations for filming, selecting cast members, etc. More meetings will be held in the upcoming future for more confirmations.

*SEN: Strong cast indeed! Hope the finalization for the cast & series would come quickly! Charmaine and Jessica collaborating again, since DIF IV?!! Yay! Damian Lau is fine, too. Ron Ng? Umm...cough...No comment! ;-)


Blogger tvbsquare said...

cough.. cough.. sid, why cough about Ron? lol... I am looking forward to this... hehe. Hope to see both Ron and Raymond in the same series ;-)

But, not too interested about TVB's history or background. Cough.. cough.. do I even care?

6:14 PM 
Blogger Sidney said...

lol...cough know why about Ron. ;-) Seems like Raymond would be in this series, too. But still unsure, as nothing is confirmed. haha...your grudge between TVB and yourself is quite deep now. Understandable of your feelings. =)

10:29 PM 
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