Monday, October 22, 2007

Predictions for Best Supporting Actress

Out of all the categories I voted for, the "Best Supporting Actress" was my least favorite. Why? The list is too too too too short! My gosh, so many actress should be added on (E.g. Kiki Sheung for "Family Link;" Anne Heung for "Best Bet;" Michelle Yim for "The Brink of Law," etc.)

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Just looking at the list, it doesn't seem to matter who wins at the end. My favorite for the year has to go to Michelle Yim as Sung Kam Chi in "The Brink of Law." Her character was just awesome! How can TVB not put her in for nominations?! Unbelievable! And for that, whoever wins, congrats to them. (sigh) Anyways, back to my predictions:

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1.) Fala Chan
Besides being a hot favorite for this year's "Most Improved Actress," Fala is also a strong contender for "Best Supporting Actress." For a newbie in the business, I'm really impress with her performance throughout the year. Let see...she was in Best Selling Secrets, Family Link, Heart of Greed, Steps, and mini-series "Colours of Love." If she wins, I guess I'll be okay with it. Deserving? I haven't decided yet.

2.) Mimi Lo
It's been a long time since I saw Mimi in a series, so it was great seeing her in "A Change in Destiny" and "The Green Grass of Home" this year. Mimi's acting has always been steady, but her popularity just...doesn't go anywhere. Chances of winning or even nominated: very very low, but I still like her.

3.) Gigi Wong
Besides Fala, I think Gigi has a chance in winning. So far, her character is enjoyable to watch in "The Drive of Life" and to add on to that, she's hosting one of TVB's food programs: "Secrets of Soups" (吾湯吾水嚐鮮篇). TVB "might" give the award to her, but Gigi just doesn't seem like the person whether awards matter or not. I'll just support her nonetheless.

4.) Florence Kwok
Yay! Florence is in the running! I think I nominated her as my favorite for last year's nominations, too, for her role in "Forensic Heroes" I believe. This year...she has got to be in the top 5. We practically see her in every other series this year; and now almost a regular on "Best Selling Secrets." Wouldn't be surprise if she turns out to be the "black horse" in this category. However she did leave TVB for awhile couple years back, will TVB be so lenient and give her the award?

5.) Leila Tong
Another deserving candidate in the running, however like what I said for "Most Improve," I highly doubt she's going to win. This time for a whole different reason. Earlier there were reports of Leila signing with a mainland company for singing? acting? something along the following. So because of this, I doubt TVB's going to give her the award, but rather give it to one of their own people instead. Typical of TVB nowadays.


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who ru to decide who deserves d award?

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