Monday, September 24, 2007

Moving along...

It's been awhile since I last updated this blog; thought it's about time I started posting again before I lose all my readers. lol...

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Finished watching "On the First Beat" for awhile now, and like everyone said, it was just an okay series. Okay...I lied, it was a pretty boring series. Nothing much happened! Definitely didn't live up to "The Academy" at all. (sigh) So disappointing. The new cast TVB put together for the sequel (except for Ron, Sammul, etc.) was...not something to be excited about? Originally, I was all for seeing Joey act in a series, which she did okay, but man...what she wore throughout the series was hideous! (E.g. at her brother's wedding) Kate Tsui's character was annoying as ever as Man Ching (contradicting her Chinese name); very loud and obnoxious. Sonija & Michael really had lots of screen time together, but majority of time, they're just staring off into space or at each other. I bet the series could be cut down to 25 episodes if TVB just edit out those scenes. One more final thought: Sammul Chan is now on my black list after watching this series. (-_-)

Recent News:

-Latest news, Producer Leung mentioned that a sequel for "Steps" is in consideration. Isn't that a bit too soon to decide on a sequel? I'm just starting on this series after seeing endless praises for it (can't resist a dancing series), so can't comment much, but still...
-TVB's 40th Anniversary Series: "Steel Lips Silver Teeth" & "The Ultimate Crime Fighter." Personally, I'm not favoring either one. 1) It's another Charmaine Sheh series. After seeing her in the 60 episodes "Drive of Life," I believe HK viewers might want a break from her. 2) Another Kevin Cheng & Gigi Lai series. Why? 2 words: "Life Art." Need more reasons? (No offense to any Charmaine, Kevin, or Gigi fans intended)


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