Friday, August 10, 2007

"Entire City Dances" airs after "Fathers & Sons"

Read from the news that TVB's newest series: "Entire City Dances" 《舞動全城》 (unconfirmed title), starring Steven Ma, Bernice Liu, Matthew Ko, Kate Tsui, etc. will be replacing "Fathers & Sons" 《爸爸閉翳》 time slot on September 10th.

This is great news! But is TVB releasing this series a bit early? Seems like just a couple months ago, they just finished filming and now it's ready to be released?! Woah! Plus, Bernice's "Devil's Disciples" just finished airing recently and earlier this year "The Brink of Law" was released, too, starring Steven Ma & Kate Tsui. Wouldn't it be better to wait 'til after the TVB anniversary? hmm...what do you guys think?

Btw, here's the cast and character's name that I know of:
  • Steven Ma-
  • Bernice Liu- Lei Sum Ying
  • Matthew Ko-
  • Kate Tsui- Yeung Si Maan
  • Fala Chen- Ching Ka Man
  • Wayne Lai- Lei Lik Keung
  • Claire Yiu- Yau Lam Lam
  • Tracy Yip-
  • Mannor Chan-


Blogger birdy said...

Hi, Where can i download the sound tracks and music for all the TVB Drama serial? Thanks.


2:35 AM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Who is more " Recycle" Bernice vs. Linda ?


3:38 PM 

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