Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Windows blasted open while Ada slept

Source: The Sun

Ada Choi left a message online earlier about her recent trip to Taiwan to promote for the series “Dance of Passion.” During her stay, Ada felt that she was treated unprofessionally by the media, as some of them don’t even know what her profession is! When posting up her thoughts, Ada referred to a portion of the media personnel as “doesn’t do research” people. “I know I’m not a huge celebrity, but I’m an artist that gives my best at every job that is given to me. The media should do the same thing! Inviting/interviewing guests without any preparations is like insulting them and your own profession! Technology is so advanced nowadays, just go online and there’s nothing one can’t find!” After Ada left her message online, many of her fans left messages to show their support.

Another incredulous incident happened to Ada during her stay was when she was in her hotel room sleeping, and a huge “CRACK!” sounded. At first, Ada thought it was just thunder, but when she went to investigate, broken glass pieces from her window littered the floor! Ada immediately called for hotel service to switch rooms, but was still able to witness the windows continually to crack open.


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