Saturday, June 30, 2007

Random Postings...

It's been another 2 weeks since I last posting anything here on my bloggie. Not that I don't have anything to say, just that all this rain we're getting is really not putting me in the spirit of doing anything strenuous to my brain; e.g. typing.

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Today (if my tallies are correct) is day #25 of consecutive rainfall in my home state, day #18 here where I'm at. (sigh) Getting so tired of this weather. There's practically flooding on every road I drive! Traffic is slow, people are moody, and don't even get me started on the # of potholes I'd encountered. Crazy! lol...but on a brighter note, I finally got a pool in my backyard. It's not very deep, couple inches maybe, with free installation but it's the thought from Mother Nature that counts, right? Thank you! I'll try to enjoy it while it last. =)


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