Monday, April 16, 2007

Out of TVB; Into HK Movies

Finally, I’m finished watching “Slicing of the Demons” this past weekend. Was a pretty good series to watch, but towards the end got a little bit draggy (again) and confusing. The whole plot and the characters were great (love Michael Tse), but I still managed to get lost a couple of times! lol…had to re-watch the episode over again. Overall, I would recommend SOTD for others to watch, but just the ending…ehh…you guys just had to watch it and see for yourselves. =)

What’s up next for me? Umm…I’m thinking about taking a break from TVB series. Yes, I’m actually saying this: me, Sidney, taking a break from TVB series. lol…very weird & awkward for me to say that. Anyways, I’m switching to watch some HK films for awhile. Been feeling very unsatisfied w/ all the series I’m watching lately; watching too much TVB series I am assuming. Maybe some time away will help clear my mind and refresh my inspiration on TVB. (shrugs)

First movie on my list: “Protégé” (門徒). Just got a copy of it recently, so might as well start off w/ it. “Protégé” premiered earlier this year, starring Andy Lau, Daniel Wu, Louis Koo, Anita Yuen, and JingChu Zhang. It’s been awhile since I last saw Louis starring in anything, so would be great to see him again. Downfall: heard that his role was very minimal, almost pointless. Hmm…not something I want to hear. But I don’t know; I’ll see how it goes.


Movie I really want to see: “Love is Not All Around” (十分愛) starring Stephy Tang, Alex Fong, Linda Chung, Sammy, Hins Cheung, etc. (Movie trailer above) Yes, I admit. I’m a total Stephy and Alex fan here. Watched them in “Marriage w/ a Fool” and was hooked. LINAA seems to be the sequel of it, as I heard Alex referred to Stephy as “Ah Bo” (her name in MWAF) in the trailer, so crosses fingers. Besides, it stars Linda Chung, too. Can’t seem to break my ties w/ TVB. lol… ;-) While that’s just now premiering, it’ll be awhile before I can get a copy. So how about you guys? Any good recommendations for me?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yeah! I really want to see LINAA also! &I seen Protege, Louis' character really is pointless. Also, you should check out Lady Iron Chef.. lol Hacken Lee and Charmaine Sheh is in it.. haha TVB. It's pretty funny though.

7:34 PM 
Blogger Sidney said...

lol...thanks for the recommendation. Lady Iron Chef...didn't that just came out recently? hmm...have to look into that. And totally, about Louis. Geez...his good looks! All ruined! Ahh! ;-)

10:08 PM 
Anonymous Robyne said...

This year HK has yet to shown a worth watching movie. But, if you liked Marriage with a Fool I recommend "Love is not all Around". I guarantee that it isn't a sequel. The name of Stephy's character maybe the same, but not the surname. The plot is completely different from Marriage with a Fool. In my opinion, i didn't like the movie much..but i didn't like much of Marriage with a Fool either. XP

9:30 PM 
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