Wednesday, February 28, 2007

The Brink of Law: For the Good or for the Worse?

*Warning: May contain spoiler to TBOL; read only if you had finished this series or just want to hear me ramble. =) *

*Warning II: This is purely based on my opinion & my thoughts. Please don't take my bashing of your artists to heart. =) *

Just finished "The Brink of Law" a couple days ago. Okay, more like a week or 2 ago. I was just too busy to do a little post about it, plus my internet at home isn't working right now (thumps router). So, if you catch me online, most likely I'm on campus, despite how late in the evening it is. (sigh) Anyways, one word to sum up TBOL: good! But for to what extent?

The Cast (the good):

TVB is doing great this year, airing series w/ an amazing cast ensemble put together. And "The Brink of Law" is one of them. Everyone's (almost everyone) acting, chemistry, facial expression, hand gestures are perfect. ( lol...yeah...I'm just making these up here. I have no clue what I'm really talking about, just that I like it!). My favorite character: Michelle Yim's Sung Gum Jee. She is awesome! Unlike other typical TVB series, where the villain is reveal later in the storyline, Michelle's background or her evilness is unveil in Episode 1. I kinda like that. Less I have to think about who's the bad guy.

Shirley Yeung's character is very similar to Michelle's, but for the worse. I meant her character. Not a bad performance for Shirley, despite her 1st time acting in as an evil character. Definitely a convincing role for me.

Elliot Yue, I had no clue whatsoever who he was before I watched this series, just that he does bares a rather strong resemblance to my uncle! lol..I may be just hallucinating here & wanting a veteran actor as an uncle. hehe...anyway, I really like him. He's a great actor. Possibly it's just me: but w/ him there in some scenes that features Ron, Kate, or Bernice w/ him, it just makes the whole scene much better. Brings their character out a bit more.

Steven Ma: no need to comment about him. He's just awesome!

The Not so Good Performances:

Like I mention: Ron, Kate, & Bernice. Their characters are so...unconvincing! Still! Ron, I expected more out of him, since he's been around for awhile now, and I thought he could be better. But I really can't see any improvements that others mentioned! Sorry! I'm beginning to wonder if it was his character that I don't like and not Ron himself. hmm...(scratches chin) No, I think it's still Ron! ;-) TBOL is Kate's 2nd series that I finished watching. Besides that her hairstyle looks similar to her LFD's Ida character and her acting is about the same, too. I really can't find anything much to say about Kate, other than she's ANNOYING! My gosh! I'm avoiding Kate Tsui at all cost, that is, until "First Beats" airs. (Joey fan here).

Bernice is stunning in this series, like any of her series. Very mature and stylish. But her acting is still not up to par. Expressionless on some scenes. Her Chinese improved immensely, so gave her some credit there.

Favorite Moments:
  • all Michelle Yim and Stephen Wong scenes; especially the way he died. So sad!
  • the bickering between Michelle Yim & Elliot Yue
  • Steven Ma & Ha Yue's father-son relationship
  • Steven & Bernice's scene; very cute
Should you give TBOL a try? I would say most definitely "YES." However, if you find yourself pressing the "Fast Forward" button once in awhile, don't worry. It's a natural reaction. *cough* especially during the Ron & Kate's scenes *cough*


Blogger j00ky said...

Watched the series myself and I loved your review! Especially about Shirley's character! It was the same thing I was thinking. lol.. She was so convincing as such a evil conniving person it made me wonder what she is like in real life.

5:00 PM 
Blogger Sidney said...

Hi j00ky! Glad to hear that you like my review. =) lol...I doubt Shirley's real life personality is anything close to her Sung Ga Yi character. Kinda scary if that really happens.

9:32 AM 
Blogger  said...

hahah, great review! :D

shirley seemed like a really cute & nice personality when she came over to singapore recently. doubt she's anything like her character in the brink of law.

2:54 AM 
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