Tuesday, February 13, 2007

"Best Bet:" Good Themesong, Bad Themevideo

"Best Bet" (迎妻接福) started airing yesterday; replacing the time slot of "The Brink of Law." I haven't started on this series yet (not sure if I would later), but I saw the theme video from Metal's blog, so just sharing my thoughts about it. First off, I'm really enjoying the themesong! The tune is so catchy, the lyrics are cute, and Linda Chung really did a great job singing it. Really surprised me that it was just Linda singing solo, instead of a duet w/ Michael Tse. Michael can sing! TVB gave him the male lead role, might as well give him a part in the themesong, too. (sigh) But I'm not complaining that much of the final product.

Too bad I can't really say the same thing about the themevideo though, since it's so...I don't how how to describe it. Cut and paste? Paper Mario style? The old style Batman with all the "Booms" & "Pows!" huh....something along that range of thoughts. Really makes me wonder if the video was produced by the same guy who made the hideous New Year's card of the cropped artists' head on piggy bodies. Eek!


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