Monday, February 05, 2007

Bernice saves Steven from harm

Source: the Sun

We hear the term “hero saving a damsel in distress” often, but how about “a damsel saving a hero” instead? Earlier, Bernice Liu and Steven Ma were filming for their newest series: “The Entire City Dances” 《舞動全城》 for a car accident scene in which Bernice runs out to save Steven from being hit by a car. Without using a stunt person or any safety padding, Bernice dove out and pushed Steven away from a fast approaching car, with her head hitting the rear of the car, acting exactly like a stunt personnel herself! Her courageousness is definitely worth praising.

Bernice and Steven paired up as a couple in “The Brink of Law,” 《突圍行動》 and in their new action/dancing series “The Entire City Dances”, they will once again reunite as a couple onscreen. Earlier the two were in filming at Sai Wan Ho for a car accident scene when the director wanted to try a newer version of “hero saving a damsel in distress;” having the female saving the male instead!

The scene talks about how Steven carelessly runs out into the street, and meets up with fast approaching traffic. Bernice pushes him to safety, but in the end, gets hit by the car herself! During filming, Bernice declined the usage of a stunt; wanting to personally film the scene. After hearing the instructions and practiced a couple of times, Bernice was ready to go. First, the vehicle will brush Bernice to the ground; then her head will bounce off the rear side of the car. Because the scene was film so realistically, it attracted quite a crowd to standby and watch.

Bernice is still recuperating from a cold she had earlier, leaving her voice rather hoarse. Seeing her in such conditions, the director tried to give Bernice as few dialogues as possible, such as this scene where Bernice just needs to cry out Steven’s character name. But because of Bernice’s hoarse voice, the scene will probably need to be dubbed later.

When asked about how it feels to be the hero and saving Steven, Bernice laughed aloud and said, “I know! Isn’t it supposed to be the male saving the female instead? But it was OK. Reversing the situation makes me feel very heroic!”


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