Friday, February 09, 2007

What's going on in Sidney's life...

My life has been hectic lately. Lots to do, but so little time. Everything seems to be cramming in at once. It's getting pretty frustrating around here. But here's a brief rundown of my lack of updates (excuses, excuses, excuses...) :

1.) Exams; exams have come around once again. Nothing new, but definitely something I need to worry about. (sigh)

2.) Illness; I'd been sick for 3 weeks consecutively. It's not fun and I'm tired of taking medicine. I starting to think I'm more immune to them than the flu that's flying around! geez!

3.) I'm going to CHINA! Yay! That's is, I'm going to China this summer for a study abroad program. fun! Going there to work on my putonghua. (Ni hao!) Anyways, nothing is finalized yet, but I'm crossing my fingers. =D Any fan of mine from China? Hi hi!! =)

4.) Reality shows; TVB hasn't been all that exciting to me lately (surprising, especially coming from me), so I switched over and turned on my television set instead. Reality shows are popping up lately, and I'm a loving it! "Beauty & the Geek," "American Idol," "Survivor: Fiji," and the newest seasons of "Amazing Race: All Stars" & "America's Next Top Model" coming soon! My life will be revolving around them, so an early apology if I really slack off from updating. =)

TVB Related:

I'd started on "The Brink of Laws" recently and it's good! Not surprising, since so many of my favorite artists are starring in it! =) Did I ever mention that I love it's themesong?! Well, if I haven't, I love it! Go Steven!...and Ron, too. I'll be nice to him, since he really did a pretty good job singing this time around. Speaking of Ron, I find his role as "Leo" very unconvincing so far. He's too nice! Does anyone happen to think the same way? But then again, I just started, so I might change my mind about him later. Well, that's all for now; possibly more updates of my 2cents of "TBOL" later as I continue watching. Hopefully this week's ratings surpass 35 pts, better than previous weeks, since it's the series finale. Go go go!!


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