Wednesday, February 21, 2007

News article that just made my day

Kinda late posting my comments now but still wanted to do it. Couple days ago, Em @ TVB Space translated an article about Kate Tsui and Ron Ng being voted as the worst onscreen couple on a discussion board. After reading about it, I couldn't help but laughed out loud for a good couple of minutes. Why? Well, because I 100% whole-heartedly agrees w/ them. They really are terrible!

Everyone knows (almost everyone) that I'm not too thrill w/ Ron & his acting. Kate...I wasn't too happy w/ her performance in LFD; overacted in numerous scenes. But I still took the chance and watched them together in "The Brink of Law," which btw, I'm loving it (the series, not them). Am I enjoying their individual screen times? Nope! Am I enjoying their screen time as a couple? Nope! Am I enjoying their chemistry as a couple? Nah...something about them just isn't clicking on their performances in TBOL. I may be picky about them. (true) And I may be bias. (also true) But I don't think TVB should pair them up together any time soon. Believe me, Ronate is just not meant to be as a good couple. (shakes head)


Blogger Caroline Luong said...

OMG dont even start homie and even though they dont make that much of a cute couple he is like the most romantic guys in the world and he is so good looking it aint even funny!!!!! I am obsessed with his looks if you can please reccommend me some good movies like the ones iwatch (like under the canopy of love and the price of greed and yeah...)

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