Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Final thoughts over "Devil's Disciples"

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*Warning: May contain spoilers to the series.*

Finished watching Devil’s Disciples (強劍) this past weekend. Like everyone else, I wasn’t please w/ its ending at all. What in the world was w/ the dancing and the singing at the end?!! lol…my gosh…this series started pretty nicely; funny & addictive to watch. But the more episodes I finished, everything went downhill from there! I say starting around episode 3, it goes bad. Storyline, cast, ending, etc. etc. Blah!

The Pairings:

Originally, I thought I the pairing of Bernice & Bosco would be cute and fresh, but somehow their chemistry just didn’t work. It was sorta…weird? Bernice looks too mature for Bosco in my opinion. mmm… =/ Although, I would love for them to end up together at the end, but when that didn’t happen (one of the major shockers of the series), I wasn’t as disappointed as I originally predicted. But definitely, my sympathy goes toward Bernice. Poor her...and Shirley Yeung, too. (all Bosco's fault!)

Kevin & Sharon’s relationship developed very nicely, surprisingly. Their chemistry clicked! Even though this was their… 3rd? time collaborating (was a couple in “Trimming Success” and “Better Halves”), I’m going to give all credits to Sharon’s character, Mok Mun on why I like them so much. Sharon’s character was the most interesting out of the whole cast! She’s supposedly the semi-evil villain, but we loved and pity her from the beginning to the end. If TVB airs DD later in the year, Sharon Chan is high on my list for winning the Most Improved Actress award at the anniversary. (sorry, Bernice, performance wasn’t as great)

Did you noticed or was it just me?:

Did you guys noticed that in the first couple of episodes there was some scenes of Bosco’s that relates to some of his previous series, the memorable parts.

1.) “War of the In-Laws” episode 1 = “Devil’s Disciples” episode 1

The amusing opener for WOIL where Bosco’s “Ling Mau Chun” character had to participate and climb to the top of stack chairs to win the hand of girl in marriage. Bosco’s “Sing Fung” character had to do the same stunt, but the reward is money instead. Both series, Bosco was forced/persuaded by his mother to participate.

2.) “Under the Canopy of Love” episode 2 = “Devil’s Disciples” episode 3

First time Bosco and Kevin’s collaborating together was in last year’s “Under the Canopy of Love” series. For those who saw the series, remember how they met? lol…if you guys don’t, it was at the gym and in the sauna. Scene similar to in DD’s where the 2 had to stay overnight dipped in freezing water as a punishment. A complete change in temperature but the same humorous effect, don’t you think? ;-)


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