Tuesday, March 27, 2007

"Best Selling Secret," an equivalent to "Virtues...?"

Spring Break was this past week for me. Didn’t really do anything special. Went to work, hung out w/ friends, and most importantly had the time to start up a new series. hehe… =D Currently on my playlist: “Slicing of the Demons” but in-between, I am also keeping up w/ the latest airing sitcom “Best Selling Secrets” 《同事三分親》. BSS has aired for 2 weeks already w/ 11 episodes released. First week’s ratings averaging about 30 pts, not too shabby. While the 2nd week dropped 4 pts, averaging about 26 pts! That’s a huge drop from its debut week, but will this last?

I read from forums that many are getting weary w/ BSS already. Can’t really blame them for it. Well first off, this sitcom isn’t entirely funny. Sort of…like dry humor funny. If you get it, you get it. If not, then…(shrugs) you just don’t. Occasionally, I find myself cracking a smile, while the rest of the time, I just sit there and watch it religiously despite how ridiculous some parts may be. Don’t get me wrong, I’m liking this sitcom. 20 minutes flies by just like that (snaps)! But I just wish the storyline could improve a bit more. Hopefully I’ll be surprise in the weeks to come.

Last minute thoughts: Does this sitcom remind anyone of “Virtues of Harmony II?” Both series on parts, revolves around the office area, the bickering/teasing of colleagues, family life, etc. etc. Even some casts’ personality from BSS are based from VOH!

Examples are: Roger Wong Sheung (played by Lau Daan) in replace by Geoffrey Wong Chi Hung (aka Vincent in the sitcom). Both men are the head of their companies respectively, easy to get along with, and are players type of men.

VOH had the very funny Athena Man Gwai Fei played by Stephanie Che, while BSS has the serious and manipulative, Diana Dai On Na played by Alvina Kong. Both ladies are hated by every employee under them, and is able to manipulate situations in favor to them, especially in Roger/Vincent's perspective.


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