Thursday, April 26, 2007

Jessica Hsuan attends CHANEL Jewelry Exhibition

Sidney: Hey guys! So sorry for the lack of updates by me lately. Just too busy w/ school. (sigh) Anyways, saw this article about Miss Mo (Jessica) and decided to translate it.'s short. Easier for me. ;-) Btw, for those who's wondering, Miss Mo is Jessica's character in DIF IV w/ Louis Koo . =D

Source: Apple, Mingpao, and Singpao

Yesterday evening, CHANEL held a special cocktail party at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel to display their latest multi-million jewelry collection 「 Les Essentiels」. Attracting many famous celebrities to attend, including: Paulyn Sun, Priscilla Chan, Jessica Hsuan, Chow Kai Bong & his wife were also present.

Jessica revealed that she has always liked this brand and keeps a small collection of jewelry herself. When asked if her boyfriend(s) ever presented her with a diamond ring, Jessica said, “Rings shouldn’t be accepted so hastily. But I did receive a necklace before from my previous boyfriend.”


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