Thursday, August 16, 2007

Finished with PR; Moving on to OTFB

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Yay! Finished watching "Phoenix Rising!" Not a bad series at all. Definitely enjoyable with an interesting plot line. However, it's leaving me very questionable about its ending. What happened?! Who fired the shot?! hmm...=/ For favorite scenes, I have plenty. For favorite episode, it has got to be episode 15. lol... If you've seen the series, you'll probably know which scene I'm talking about. Trying hard not to spoil it for anybody. =)

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Finally moving on to the series I've been anticipating: "On the First Beat!"

Looking forward to:
  • Joey!; read mix reviews about her performance, so have to judge it myself
  • Ron's character; what?! I like Jung Lap Maan =)
Definitely NOT Looking forward to:
  • Kate Tsui; reason should be apparent


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yeh, I believe her sister killed her,it couldn't of been the gaurds because she would have already walked away by then.

2:48 AM 
Blogger Sidney said...

hmm...I personally think it was the guards' stray bullets that killed her. Her sister looked so devastated when walking back to the car; doesn't know how to face anyone after this. She had the chance, but went against it. It's not her nature to seek revenge on anybody, much less her own sister. Definitely an ending that can be viewed from different points.

10:53 AM 
Anonymous yvette said...

you didn't get the ending? in the end she fired the shot at her sis and killed her. there was a lot of unfinished business though like what happened to the two cousins, marc left and doesnt even know that poor sophie died, he probably went off and got married being sad thinking she didnt love him

1:40 PM 

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