Sunday, September 30, 2007

Upcoming Posts on TVB Sidsation time sure went by real fast for the year 2007. Just a blink of an eye, TVB's anniversary is a little over a month away. Time to take out the sledgehammers and chainsaws again and start bashing each other with it; a little annual event amongst fans leading toward the Anniversary. lol..personally, I find it quite amusing as I often join along with the "fun" (that is, if my favorite artists don't get pulled into the mayhem). So please, warning to all, remember to take cover and don't get too riled up of what we (I) have to say. =D

Like I said earlier, just a little over a month before it's time for the Anniversary or should I say the "annual" award ceremony for TVB. I think it's time to give our little shout-out of who we think would be victorious for this year's award ceremony, don't you think?

Following last year's format, I'm assuming TVB's going to be giving out 16 awards again this year, such as:
  • Best Drama 最佳劇集
  • Best Actor in a Leading Role 最佳男主角
  • Best Actress in a Leading Role 最佳女主角
  • Best Actor in a Supporting Role 最佳男配角
  • Best Actress in a Supporting Role 最佳女配角
  • Most Vastly Improved Actor 飛躍進步男藝員
  • Most Vastly Improved Actress 飛躍進步女藝員
  • Lifetime Achievement Award 萬千光輝演藝大獎
  • Best Television Presenter 最佳節目主持
  • Best Variety or Informative Program 最佳綜藝資訊節目
  • Most Enjoyable Value Award 最具欣賞價值大獎
  • Best Promotional Clip 最佳宣傳片
  • Most Creative Program 最具創意節目
  • Best Foreign Purchased Program 最佳外購節目
  • My Favourite Male Character Role 我最喜愛的電視男角色
  • My Favourite Female Character Role 我最喜愛的電視女角色
Over the course of the next couple of days/weeks, I'll be giving out my predictions (top 5) for each category and possibly my explanations of why I chose them. Feel free to shout out your predictions, too, and remember to stay tune!


Blogger MC3 said...

best actor??? hmmm... moses!!! haha...
best actress... maybe gigi for TUCF...
improved actor... i think lai lok yi...
improved actress... im rooting for bernice...
best series... HOG!!!

8:06 PM 
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