Monday, October 08, 2007

Predictions for Most Improved Actor

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1.) Jack Wu
Jack really need some recognition for everything he has done at TVB. He's a great actor and is one of the host for "The Scoop." Even though I'll cheer for him if he wins, but I highly doubt it. His exposure really isn't too high with the public nor with TVB (the game show he co-hosted with Alvina Kong "Is that Right?" wasn't all that great). If TVB would just air "Phoenix Rising," his chances will definitely increase. Possibly next year... =/

2.) Stephen Wong
First off, I think Stephen is really cute on-screen; making it possible for him to become a male lead in series later on. But for most improved...I don't know. His recent appearance in "Steps" does make the audience recognize him a bit more (although I thought his character was little bit perverted with his daydreams over Kate; it's just me); but not much improvement. About the same to me. TVB is more than likely to put Amigo Chui in this spot as their top 5 over him.

3.) Chris Lai
lol...again my pick for the winner of this category is on the bottom of the list. Coincidence maybe. But seriously, out of all the nominees listed, Chris's chances of winning is pretty high. I can't find a reason why TVB would pick someone else over him! Chris took part in 4 of series aired this year and they all did really well, and yes, it's 4. TVB forgot to list "Fathers & Sons" as one of the series he took part of, although I'm still curious to know why "Glittering Days" is amongst the nomination list; wasn't it on last year's? Anyways, just to keep it short, my prediction is Chris would win; not complaining if he does.

4.) Stephen Huynh
I really don't know why I picked him into my top 5. He's cute? lol..possibly...since I'm seeing him in "Steps" now. ;-) Not the greatest actor of all and will definitely need more improvement, but there's potential. Since he performed at TVB's lighting ceremony this year, his odds are decent. Btw, when did he appeared in "Dicey Business?" Other than his guest appearance in "Best Selling Secrets" & now "Steps," I don't recall seeing him anywhere else. hmm...

5.) Matthew Ko
Oh gosh...what's the best way to sum up what I think of him? He's...terrible? Yeah...pretty much it. Matthew definitely needs to work on his facial expressions in acting. While I was watching "Steps," and they zoom in on his face, I'm always thinking to myself "Why does he have the funny look on his face?" (sorry to any Matthew fan reading this) His reasons for being on my list: just because. Just because he's Mr. HK. Just because his exposure has increased to the public. Just because TVB likes him, or so I think. Chances of winning...I hope not! I'll cough up blood if he does.


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Stephen Huynh appeared as the younger version of Michael Miu in Dicey Business =)

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