Sunday, October 07, 2007

Predictions for Most Improved Actress

I'd been glancing at the list for this year's Nomination List for "Best ____" for a couple of times already. With this year's new policy, the list seems shorter than normal or is it just me? I guess it makes sense since we've practically been seeing the same actors/actresses for every series. Although, I a bit surprise with one minor detail. Did anyone else noticed that Kenix Kwok and Frankie Lam isn't nominated for any category, other than "Best Series?" Pretty ruthless of TVB in my opinion since "Ten Brothers" did pull in the highest ratings up-to-date of the 2007 year (if my memory serves me correctly). Just a little fyi.

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After glancing at this year's nomination list for "Most Improved Actress," it's quite easy for me to pick my top 5 nominees based on this year's performance only. First off, in my opinion, "Most Improved" is an award that can basically be competed by anyone in TVB; not just for the younger generation and he/she can be a main lead. The recipient must have shown vast improvement over their previous performances. That's what "most improved" mean, right? Anyways, back to my list:

1.) Bernice Liu
Pretty obvious that I would pick her. Her recent performance in "Steps/Devil's Disciples/The Brink of Law" really shows how much she has improved in her acting, especially when delivering her dialogues. No more of the slight pauses she used to have in-betweens lines; runs much more smoothly now (more natural). Great year for Bernice, especially after TVB customize her "Lee Sum Ying" character for her. How can she not win?

2.) Kate Tsui
lol...although her percentage of winning this year is practically <5% with me, have to give credit to Kate for a great effort this year. If she would just tone down her acting (such as don't over exaggerate her lines) she should be fine. Better luck next year.

3.) Fala Chen
To be honest, I really had no clue who Fala was until I watched HOG this year. Her performance was pretty good for a newcomer, and I'm pretty sure she's on the good side with TVB since the series she participated in has been receiving good ratings (HOG, Family Link, Steps). Chances of her winning: about 30%.

4.) Leila Tong
It's pretty hard to believe that Leila is probably the youngest of the 5, but at the same time her performance is the strongest. Because of her carefree nature, odds of Leila winning is pretty slim (she doesn't seem to mind if she wins or not). Besides, her acting is pretty solid to me, with not much improvement. Should TVB move her to the "Best Supporting Actress" category instead?

5.) Sharon Chan
I love Sharon's character in "Devil's Disciples." Definitely see improvement there, but because the series was constantly bashed; chances of her winning is a flop.


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