Monday, July 31, 2006

Who is He?

Seriously. Who is He? Mike He. Been catching up with the entertainment news, and there's reports everywhere stating that the "new guy" Mike He would be/ could be a possible threat to Ray, Ron, Bosco, and Kevin. lol...this is interesting. Don't know much about Mike myself. What he looks like (good looking or bad)? Good actor or not? Sings? Dance? etc. etc. I don't know. For those like me, who doesn't know what Mike He looks like, here he is:

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So...what do you guys think? A threat or no? Personal opinion, I don't think the the 4 young "Siu Sungs" (小生) have anything to worry about. Their fan base are growing every day! No threat there. Btw, does anyone besides me think Mike looks awfully similar to Eddie Lee (李雨陽) or is it just me? huh.... =/

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Blogger Em said...

Hey Sid - just in case you're interested, here is a bit of a lowdown on Mike He.

He's a massive hit in Taiwan and has been voted "Best Sexual Fantasy Partner" in a Mainland poll as well as being signed by a Korean/Japanese management company to promote him over there. Not bad going for a 23 year old!

6:44 PM 
Blogger Sidney said...

Thanks for the extra info, Em. =) Did you have it memorized or you look it up? A major fan of his, aren't you? ;-) hehe..j/k j/k!! lol...either way, thanks! 23 years old. Nice! So young!

8:57 PM 
Blogger Em said...

Hahaha... no, I am not a fan. He is a bit too young for me really! (I am an old fogey remember!!) TVB Weekly did an interview with him recently and the link was from Google! Hehe...

4:53 PM 
Blogger weirdo said...

Mike he is hot hot hot

4:33 PM 
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