Thursday, July 20, 2006

Celebrities Venting II

Birthdays are supposed to be fun! Vivien seems to be happy. The cakes looks scrumptious. But too bad Vivien's shirt is venting for her. lol...on your birthday and wearing that shirt that says, "Curse!" huh... ;-) Even her thumbs up in the pic is slanted! lol...Vivien, it's only your 22nd birthday; not like you're turning 40. Now that's when the shirt is more appropriate!

Andy's been off and on (in my eyes) in the entertainment industry, and nows he's back. First filming a series w/ TVB and now squeezing his way back into the music entertainment, too. Life is hard (yes, that's true) especially for Andy at this point since he's making such an abrupt comeback. At the top of the mountain he once was, winning the Best Male vocalist for TVB's JSG in 2001, but look at his shirt! It says "I hope." Yes, keep hoping pal. No matter how much you're wanting to get back into our heads, you may not be in the same status range as before.

I know that Gillian can sing. Most even says she's better than Charlene! But how about counting numbers? lol..guess not! Since she has to keep them posted on her shirt! It's's nothing to be embarrassed about. Charlene's smiling at the camera, not laughing at you. ;-)


Blogger -ExqUisite - said...

lol..Gillian singing better than Charlene?kekeke..i'll have to say she improved though = )
and numbers..haha..i guess both of them lost count on them..


8:22 AM 
Blogger jennifer said...

welll..i think gillian is better..srry!!!

9:12 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...


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