Monday, May 08, 2006

HK Viewers: You choose Ending for Le Femme Desperado

The ratings are out, and TVB's current series, Le Femme Desperado (女人唔易做) and Dance of Passion (火舞黃沙) are both doing pretty well, averaging 30+ points in ratings. DOP was expected to have high ratings, so wasn't very surprising. LFD, continue to stay steady, averaging 33 pts a week, for the last 2 weeks? Pretty impressive! I remember awhile back, from somewhere, LFD was predicted as a flop. I thought so, too, since I'm not really into the whole "older female, younger guys" relationship. I'll watch it (later), but doesn't really catch my attention. =/

Anyways... what a coincidence (or is it?) that LFD and DOP are currently airring together, each night, for the past week and this full week as well. Interesting to say, that Sheren Tang "Yu Fei" is split from her cast mates of WAB, but her series is doing just as great as the others; even surpassing them when LFD peaked @ 37 pts!...compared to DOP's peak @ 36 pts. hehe...Go Sheren Go!! (and Ray, and Melissa, and Michael!)

*A little extra info: When LFD was filming, it filmed 2 different endings to it, very much like "To Catch the Uncatchable." With the wide acceptance from many HK viewers, TVB has decided to let the viewers choose which ending they would like to see for its finale. Pretty neat! But the question is, will it be same for oversea fans watching it? Or will we have the other ending? hmm....

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Blogger fishi3s said...

what are the two endings? you can tell like after the ending of the movie..just not to spoil if you do know it..

4:56 PM 
Blogger Sidney said...

lol...I don't know myself, but I can find out if you like. Just found that out when reading the news. But I don't like giving away spoilers, so probably won't post it up. =)

8:34 PM 
Blogger fishi3s said...

well if you found out..can u tell me on aim or email.. fishes iz kool or thanks

7:32 PM 
Blogger Sidney said...

No problem! ;-)

9:00 PM 
Blogger fishi3s said...

hehe thanks mucho!

6:38 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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11:06 PM 

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