Sunday, May 07, 2006

TVB produces toys?

I never really knew that TVB actually produces toys. CDs, yes. Series, yes. Excellent group of artists, yes. But toys? Yes! Pretty surprised myself, when first saw it. But they really are cute. For example, the Ah Wong (阿旺) & Lee Siu Ho (李笑好) toys were pretty cute. But how about this one?

Recognize him? lol...isn't it cute?!! I love it! is selling this action figure, which is about 12 in. tall, for $125 HKD. I'm assuming it's about $20+ (USD). Would you buy it? lol...too bad they are not shipping to the U.S. yet. hmm...what a bummer!

*SEN: Not only do they have Louis Koo's "Hong Siu Leung"(項少龍) for sale, but Wong Hei's "Gei Tak Tin"(紀德田) and Alex Fong's "Tong Ming" (唐明), too, both from Burning Flame II (烈火雄心 II). Interesting! But so far, only all guys. What about the females?

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