Monday, May 22, 2006

Moses supports Bernice in becoming a singer

Rumored couple Moses Chan and Bernice Liu was at last night’s Community Chest Charity Show 2006. Although both were present, they each had to perform separately. Moses was performing with the Dance of Passion cast in a dumpling eating contest; earning over $500,000 HKD for the charity. Bernice, on the other hand was performing as a singer, along side Leo Ku and Jade Kwan in the show’s encore presentation. Seeing how well Bernice did, even Moses can’t help it and said, “Have to support. Go buy an All about Women CD!”

“All about Women” CD has been doing pretty well in the number of copies sold, which is surprisingly rare these days and with Bernice having the most songs on it, it’s considered Bernice’s contribution had been a big help. Since last night’s performance, Bernice was asked if she’s going to continue and pursuit a full-time singing career. “No! I’m still managed by TVB. I’m not a singer. Having the opportunity to participate in the All about Women CD, I’m already very happy.” When are you going to release your own personal CD? “I haven’t received any notice about it yet.” Out of singing or acting, which one do you like better? “Both. Mixing it would be best since as an artist, we need to versatile.”

Source: The Sun


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