Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Upset Stomach puts Jessica out for 2 days!

The whole cast of TVB’s new series, “Do Cheung Fung Wan” (賭場風雲) left for the Philippines last Wednesday (June 7th) to film some outdoor scenes. Before leaving, Jessica Hsuan has reportedly brought along her bikini with her; hoping to have some time to relax and enjoy the beach scenery there. But after the first night of eating dinner, Jessica started to have abdominal pains, and was vomiting soon after! When the pain ceased to subside, Jessica had no choice but to seek for immediate medical attention. Originally planned of having Jessica’s parts filmed has now been extended until later, whenever Jessica recovers. While the rest of the cast and crew ate and hang out at the site’s cafeteria, Jessica has no choice but stay in her room and get some rest.

After 2 days of resting in her room, (June 10th) Jessica was feeling a lot better, but was immediately needed to catch up in filming her scenes. Despite feeling better, Jessica still looks to be extremely thin and pale during filming.

Reporter (R): “Heard that you stopped work for the past couple of days.”

Jessica (J): “Yes. I was constantly vomiting and had an upset stomach. After the 5th trip to the bathroom, I was very weak by then. Can hardly even walk!”

R: “Did you find the cause of it?”

J: “I think it’s just the food being not too clean. Bacteria going into my system.”

R: Possibility because of the Philippines’ food?

J: “No. I don’t think so. The doctor said that there’s a greater spread of bacteria in HK, than from here. But then again, I was already unaccustomed to the climate when I first got here. The food probably just helped initiate it even farther.”

Source: Easy Finder #751

*SEN: Aww...hopefully Jessica regains back her health soon! =) Oh...credits to Stephanie from Jessica's Bravenet Forum, too. She posted the source. I just translated it. =) *


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awww...poor girl!i reallly want to watch this series too..lolz..
hope she get's well soon..and bck to the perky Jess!


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