Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Men in Pain: Continue or No?

Just finished watching Central Affairs 2 《情陷夜中環 2》 a couple days ago. It's actually not that bad of a series, if you've seen both 1 and 2. Copying exactly what TVB did with Burning Flame, ATV kept the name but drastically altered the the storyline. So if you were disappointed with Central Affair《情陷夜中環》 itself, #2 is way different; a bit slow at some moments, but still acceptable.

The cast for CA 2 was considered a grand ensemble; which was true when I first heard about it. Acting wise...pretty much everyone was real experienced, but truly truly truly lacked some life in their characters. They were a bit bland onscreen; hardly any chemistry at all! Everyone just said their dialogues and goes on from there. One of some faults that just gets me. =/ The storyline was pretty interesting. I liked it. Although I thought the first one was better, #2 was still acceptable. Why do I like it? Huh...I don't know. Maybe because it's so different from TVB's, that I find it intriguing enough to captivate my attention long enough to finish. (shrugs) Yeah...I'm weird. You might feel differently.

Recommendations? Based from my pov, you have to be open-minded when watching any ATV productions. Try not to compare it with TVB's, and you should fairly enjoy the series. I admit; I hard time with that myself. =) Warning: if you don't like watching intense, dramatic series, Central Affair 1 or 2 wouldn't be fit for you. Trust me. Some scenes are not suitable for those under 18. =I

Men in Pain 《男人之苦》. This series never crossed my mind that I would ever start watching. 1.) It doesn't look interesting. 2.) It doesn't seem interesting. And 3.) It doesn't even have an interesting cast! But I'm starting to watch it anyways. (sigh) Thanks to all those who I've asked for opinions on what to watch and suggested this. =)

First impressions: I AM watching a series with RON NG in it. lol...kinda ironic as I tend to avoid talking about him at all cost on my blog, and now...he's on my TV screen. 2nd impression: What did I get myself into watching! I am totally lost after watching just the first episode. I'm hardly even paying any attention! So...should I give up on it or continue? What do you suggest I do? =/


Blogger tvbsquare said...

haha, need to continue on Men in Pain, episode 2 is a peak, can't miss that. After that still really good and fun to watch, continue o ;-)

4:17 PM 
Blogger Em said...

I am on ep 6 and it's surprisingly enjoyable. I am not a big fan of Ron, but he is actually quite adorable at times in this series. Jeez, am I really saying that???? :P

6:25 PM 
Blogger Sidney said...

-haha...Ying, I knew it that you'll suggest for me to continue! ;-)

-Em, you like Ron, too! lol...yup! You're really saying that! Is he that adorable? hmm... =)

Most likely, I'll give MIP a couple more episodes and we'll see from there. I won't give up!

7:37 AM 

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