Friday, August 18, 2006

August: Time to Celebrate

August surely is a very busy month for everyone. For many (myself included), school is starting up again. Yay…?! lol...not really exciting, huh? =D And for some, August is the time to celebrate. Why? It’s birthday time! Lots of TVB artists have their birthdays in August, such as Yoyo Mung’s, Kevin Cheng’s, etc. etc.

Besides the celebrities that I mentioned, local celebs that we see in forums, blogs, networks, etc. who contributed a lot in the our TVB lives should have their birthday celebrated and mentioned, too. So…

Happy "early" Birthday to VOH Network and TVB Musing’s webmaster, MetalAZNWarrior. =)

Although I’m a couple days late, but still have to say Happy Birthday to TVB Café’s webmistress, Magnolia_Sara, too! =)

Today is August 18th and also another favorite celebrity of mine’s birthday. hehe…and that person is none other than Jessica Hsuan. Although Jessica’s currently filming for her new series “Parental Guidance,” in Singapore, I hope she gets some time to rest and celebrate her birthday.

Happy Birthday, Jessica and to all those that have an August birthday! =D


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