Friday, September 01, 2006

TVB's 2006 Children Song Award: Direct Download

Finding the right source or uploading service is hard, especially if the file is really really big. Example: TVB's 2006 Children Award show. It's 500+ MBs!! It's hard to find a place that would upload for me for free. lol...and frustrating, too. =P

Anyways, thought I'll cut it up myself and make it smaller; easier to upload. Yeah...that didn't work to well for me. Plan B? Finding a site that would host such a big file! Just my luck, I found 2!! Yay! (pats myself on the back) Here's the one of the host I used: Badongo.

Never before uploaded using them, so it was a first. Surprisingly, they cut the file up for me into 6 pieces?!! lol...hope it still works right! If you've gotten the link from elsewhere, good for you. hehe...I don't mind. I'm awfully slow at this. If you haven't seen it, and wants to be the first person to confirm that Badongo actually works for me, then go right ahead and d/l it! Enjoy! =)

Download Here or Download Here

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Ahh..been awhile since I've mention TVB Open on my blog. Still remember this feature? lol...Sorry about that. School preparations and other things came up way too soon than I originally expected. This weekend is Labor Day weekend, so I should be able to find time and finish up TVB Open with my 2nd and 3rd clips as I've promised. Remember to stayed tune for that and have a nice Labor Day weekend!! =)


Blogger -ExqUisite - said...

awww sidney!!!!haha...fanx for uploading this!i'll DL this soon then..LOL..after 12..since my internet is limited >.<"
fanx gurl!hehe

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