Friday, October 06, 2006

Tissues, anyone?

Currently watching one of my favorite series of all-time: "Instinct" (笑看風雲). If you've seen this series before or heard of this series before, you'll know it's a tear-jerker. I'm crying like crazy now!!! (fans my eyes) Btw, love Ekin Cheng and Nnadia Chan as a couple. They're so cute on-screen!! hehe... =)

Anyways, speaking of crying, it's been a long time since I shed a tear watching any TVB series lately. They're just...not affecting me that much? Well...not like they used to. In the 90's, tons of series can be mentioned that easily causes me [us] to shed a tear or two. Blood of Good and Evil, Detective Investigation Files IV, Burning Flames, etc. etc. just to name a few. But how about now? Hardly. Last time? 2003's Square Peg (and not from laughter either). TVB seems to be lacking some sort of element in their series now. Storyline? Developement of characters? Or is it just the cast itself? hmm...don't really know the answer to that. A possibility that it could be all 3 or it's just me. =P How about you guys? What TVB series recently had made you shed a tear? Or are you more like me, crying on some older series? =)


Blogger j00ky said...

Last series off the top of my head that made me cry for ages is that Michael Miu series playing the detective with Melissa Ng (sorry, not good at remembering series names..) where Mai Shuet died... @@

But yeah, there is not as much tear jerking series around as much as the golden 90's :D

4:53 AM 
Blogger Sidney said...

Hi j00ky! Umm...the series you're talking about is "Into Thin Air." =) My eyes water a little on that series, but it's indeed a tear-jerking series too. =) Thanks for leaving your comment!

10:56 PM 
Blogger william said...

Burning Flame II from the early part of this decade had a few good scenes(especially the last 15 minutes)while The Academy had a very good scene in between the final two hours.

5:07 AM 
Blogger william said...

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5:07 AM 

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