Saturday, September 30, 2006

September's over; What's in Stored Next?

Oh my...the month of September surely went by fast. me it did. =) September is a month that lots have happen. Ron's b-day was in September. Ada's b-day was in September. And there was me. My special day also landed on this month. special!! =D With today being the last day of September, another month closer we are in drawing toward the Anniversary.

Been creeping around blogs and forums lately, (yes I do creep around! hehe...) and being the silent reader I am, I've noticed that it's been rather quiet lately. Everyone seems to be busy with school/work (me!), still hanging out w/ friends (me!), and still catching up on their TV watching(me, too!). Yes, that's correct: it's TV. Not TVB. New season premieres are being released everyday for the past 2 weeks or so; attracting alot of the audience out there. haha...I plead guilty as I happen to be one of them myself. Fans have been complaining/enjoying Maiden's Vows and Land of the Wealth lately. It's confusing me if I should watch it...or no.

Newest series that would be release soon after them would "At Home with Love," starring Lawrence Ng, Yoyo Mung, Cheung King Fai, Raymond Cho, Chin Ka Lok, etc. and "Lush Fields Happy Times," starring Myolie Wu, Andy Hui, Kenneth Ma, etc. etc. AHL sounds interesting to me in a way , but can't really state the reason why. Back again is Lawrence Ng with his newest series and his 2nd time pairing up with Yoyo since Healing Hands II, how nice. LFHT...I'm just not interested in it. Besides the fact that Myolie sacrificed her body, gaining so much weight just for this series, I'm not looking forward to it all.

Speaking of Myolie, she along with the rest of the cast for TVB's newest blockbuster series, "Fung Wan Shui Yuet's" costume fitting and contract signing this past Thursday. 3 major thing amazed me when saw the clip and pics. 1.) Myolie loosing most of the weight so fast!! How does she do that! I mean (pops a cookie into mouth) weight gaining is easy (pops another cookie in), but loosing the weight is hard!! lol...she's good! (reaches for another cookie) (j/k about the eating the cookies =P ) 2.) Jessica Hsuan got a haircut!!'s refreshing for Jessica to sport a new look since she had her long hair for so long. But...but..but...I'm not very excited about her new look. Looks nice, don't take me wrong. I'm just way too used to Jessica with long hair. I'll accept it...eventually. And last but not least 3.) Where's the male lead? "Fung Wan Shui Yuet" is already a very hyped up series with it's different location filmings, it's cast, it's storyline, and crew. The female participants are just fine with me, but the male side... oh gosh. Again: Where's the male lead? I love Raymond, but can he possibly lead the way for this series? Damian Lau and Michael Miu...both veteran actors. I like their actings; they're great! But we still need someone a bit younger? Ron. He's good, filming one series after another with barely any rest in-between. I guess his reason is like Ray's. Age and experience causing a factor. Only person left is Joe Ma. I like Joe. His acting is okay, and sometimes great. But still...not at all what I expected. Just my lil opinion, so don't bash me if don't agree with me. Maybe as filming starts, my opinion will change...or maybe not. Something to look forward to that is! =)


Blogger djfrostbite said...

hello I've been one of your 'silent readers' as well hehe. Just to answer ur question, Raymond is confirmed to be taking the leading role for this series. (:

11:38 PM 
Blogger Sidney said...

Hi djfrostbite! lol...a silent reader, huh? Thanks for breaking the silence and answering my question! Much appreciated! =)

8:32 PM 
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