Tuesday, October 10, 2006

TVB's 39th Anniversary Nominee Prediction: Best Actor

Couple days ago...no, it was couple weeks ago, I said I was going to make my own list of who I thought is going to win this year's Best... Well, it's a lot harder than I originally anticipated. Can't really find exactly 5 people I like, maybe around 1-2 but not 5. Oh well...right now, I'm just trying to guess who TVB's going to pick for their nominations. Not that I like some of them, and not that I think their acting is anything great; but let's just see how many I can guess right. Crosses fingers!! =D

Best Actors Nominees:

TVB's style as of lately (or have been for a long time) likes to nominate those who either 1.) brings in good ratings, 2.) popular among fans, and 3.) who they personally like. Out of all the series aired so far this year, Forensic Heroes has maintained the #1 spot with the highest ratings overall, so I picked Bobby Au Yeung's "Tim Sir" as my first choice. Bobby did a fairly good job, playing a forensic expert with strong will, quick wit, and determination that can't be stopped. Personal opinion, cool and unsmiling really doesn't fit Bobby too well, yet acceptable. I like Bobby, so maybe he will get a chance at winning his 2nd Best Actor award. If not, there's always "Dou Cheung Fung Wan" to look forward to.

Steven Ma's "Seung Chi" character, and basically the whole series, "Safe Guards" was amazingly good, one of the best series this year. Not only was the storyline well-written, the ratings it received was fairly good, too, one of the top. Steven was hiatus for a good couple of months after the ending of VOH II, before we saw him once again as guest on variety shows such as 15/16, Justice for All, and The Unforgettables. Aside from Safe Guards, the current series "Land of the Wealth" also have a chance in getting Steven a nomination as one of the top 5 contenders. But with LOW's recent ratings, ehh...not too good.

Roger Kwok in "Pearls of the Orient" I'm just putting it in as random, but I'm pretty sure (more like 50/50) that he's going to be in the top 5. Why? Well, Roger is now dubbed as "1st Brother" in TVB, so more or less he's going to be in. 2.) "Pearls of the Orient" is an anniversary series. Certain expectations are placed on the cast no matter what. And 3.) Roger won the Best Actor award for the 2nd time on his Ah Wong character. Again, the certain expectations are place no matter what. Although Roger's chances of winning is pretty slim in my eyes right now, but anything could happen with TVB making the final decision.

"Land of the Wealth." I've been hearing constant remarks on this series as boring, slow, unexpectant, and last but not least disappointing. hmm...interesting. Most ancient series are like that. The language usage is very proper and tone is slow. Each character is enunciated very clearly and precise; hard to understand...yes, but meaningful. Moses Chan's "Chai Bak Cheun/Fan Tze Chai" really really really lacks some fire in him. It's so hard to tell if he's upset or not! Should I call that great acting? hmm... =/ Hot favorite last year, Moses also participated in the highly anticipated series "Dance of Passion" that was aired earlier this year. Out of his "Sung Dung Sing" character and LOW's, I'm guessing TVB will pick LOW's. More likeable. TVB is just promoting him like crazy; having Moses film one series after another. Can't really say I like his acting alot, but he's okay enough to watch. #4

#5) Bowie Lam's "Yim Man Hei." First off, I'm not a Bowie fan and secondly, I don't think he can act that well. Like Moses, Bowie's emotions doesn't change! At least, Moses is slightly better. Why he won the Best Actor as "Suen Bak Yeung" is still beyond me, despite how many times I watched "War and Beauty." Anyways, like I said earlier, DOP is a highly anticipated series by many. Sad to say it only produced mediocre ratings despite the strong cast. Still in it's 30's rating range, but not high enough. TVB spent so much time promoting this series, they can't go without one of the cast being in the top 5 spots. Besides, Yim Man Hei's character is okay to watch, too. But slightly more enjoyable towards the ending.

Wild Card is for all the other actors that I didn't mentioned, but may have chance (not very high). E.g. Joe Ma, Sunny Chan, Frankie Lam, Benny Chan, etc. etc. Notice how I didn't mentioned Kevin Cheng at all in the Best Actor Nomination. Yes, he was the main lead in a couple of series this year, but his chances at winning Best Actor is not as high as most anticipated. I still strongly believes he's going to be place in the Most Improved category, so you'll see him there when I post that section up later on. Best Actor? Not yet. *Kevin Cheng fans, please don't hurt me!*

Best Actress Nominations coming up soon....


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