Sunday, October 22, 2006

Getting Out of Control

Not too sure if it's the stars that are getting out of control, the paparazzi, the fans, or the effect of being in the entertainment industry, but just in 2006 itself, there's a allegedly tons of news regarding stars being assulted, intimated photos being released, etc. etc. Is that the consequences for entering this industry? Or did they merely just had a stroke of bad luck?

Reports here and there are now talking about Erica Yuen and her "intimate" photos being released with her and her ex-boyfriend. Haven't seen the photos myself (not that I want to), but personally, my sympathy goes out to Erica. No one wants photos of...being release to the public like that! Although it wasn't very bright to begin with of Erica to have kept the photos, much less share it with friends (whom Erica blamed as the culprit in releasing the photos out to the media), but still... =/ Btw, I've heard of Erica Yuen before, but don't know where. Anyone care to enlighten me?

Other than Erica's news filling the tabloids, Shirley Yeung's recent exposure as a model for Rockport was definitely an eye-opener for me. The pictures published by Orisun of Shirley being groped around by the brand's Internation VP was way over the line! lol...I'm still very surprised that no news of Lee Ka Ding or Gregory Lee beating that guy up!! hehe...j/k!!! But protected are females at promotional events, at sponsor's shows, or any other public exposures from...whomever! Should't there be a line drawn as of how far is too much?

Last thing is about Ella Koon being kissed on-staged by her "fan." Kinda funny at first when read about it, but that is so disgusting that it could happen! Totally ruins the image of the word "fans" to the idol. Fan and idol relationship are meant to be a special bond. Us telling our idols that we approve of their image and that we support them. Idols telling us that they appreciate our support and will continue to do better. It's as simple as that! After Ella's incident, it really puts a barrier in the fan and idol relationship. Can fans be trusted or are they [we] truly a psychopath?

Remember about a year ago, around this time, Joey Leung and Queenie Chu's intimate photo was released to the public. Kinda strange and a coincidence that the same (almost the same) types of news are floating around right now. It's a curse!, it's not. Just getting out of control... (sigh) =/


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