Saturday, October 28, 2006

TVB 2007 Calendar: Jessica Hsuan's pic

Scan by: Lee
Posted by: jenny @ Jessica Hsuan's Bravenet Forum

More bits and pieces of the 2007 TVB calendar are being revealed out to the public. Like last year, TVB uses their annual calendar to promote and reveal who's with TVB, who's going to be promoted by TVB, and who TVB still likes. Not a bad thing to do, but the pics do seem a bit cluster, especially with so many artists on just one pic. I like how TVB paired 2-3 artists much better a couple years back, but of course, that could be just me who prefers it that way. =)

Much appreciated to Lee for taking the time to scan the pic. Love Jessica as always, but the make-up seems a tad too heavy for her; possibly it's the quality of the pic above. (shrugs) What's floating in mind right now: why is Virginia Lok in the pic?!! lol...umm...interesting? Wonder if Stephen Chen is going to be in the calendar, too. hehe... =P


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