Tuesday, October 31, 2006

TVB Calendar: What's the order of the months?

lol... No, I'm not THAT dumb and not know the right orders of the 12 months (looks at calendar) j/k!! What I was referring to is how TVB is arranging their calendar this year; who belongs to Jan., Feb., March...etc. etc.

Earlier, news source such as the Orisun, Mingpao, and even TVB Magazine itself posted articles relating to the order in which the pics will be feature in: January 2007 kicks off with Bowie and Charmaine leading the front, follow by Liza Wang, Adam Cheng, Jessica Hsuan for February; March: Roger, Melissa, and Steven, and so on. But then again, how accurate is this order?

In yesterday's TVB Scoop (10-30-06), they talked about the making of the annual TVB calendar, and showed some clips of the photo session. According to the clip, credits to TVB.com btw; January 07 kicks off with the red-fiery photo of Myolie, Raymond, Tavia, Sonija's pic. February stays the same. March with the Ron Ng, Winnie Shum, Matthew Ko, Charmaine Li pic. And so on. What happened to the Bowie and Charmaine photo? Supposedly that's last photo of the year, so it'll feature in December.

So what do you think? Like the new arrangements or no? Myolie and Charmaine's rumors have been escalating non-stop as the anniversary draws closer and closer. With the airing of this clip, does that mean Myolie have the upper advantage over Charmaine? January before December. Or vice-versa? haha...of course this is just me rambling here, so nothing personal to the Charmaine or Myolie fans out there reading this. I'm remaining neutral. Besides, what was posted earlier could have been accurate and what I saw from this clip was absolutely useless; only for entertainment, not an informative source. (shrugs) Clip has been uploaded, so you may view it and see for yourselves. Enjoy! =)

Source: TVB Scoop: Oct. 30th, 2006
Credit: TVB.com

Download Here


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