Monday, April 24, 2006

Flora Chan releases new album!

Source: Orisun
Translated by: Sidney

Flora Chan was earlier spotted in TungLoWan at a dress boutique shopping. Having not seen her for quiet some time, Flora appears to have gained some weight, yet be very healthy. Seeing that reporters were nearby and spying on her, Flora immediately gave them a smile, telling them she's going to be in HongKong alot lately; plenty of opportunitly to see her! "Right now, I'm currently preparing for the release of my newest album (date hasn't been release yet) and I'll be collaborating with professional Indian dancer on a Indian dance." Practicing her new dance moves, Flora hopes to incorporate it into the new songs she has on her album.

*Side Note: This is so awesome that Flora's going to release another cd!! Yay!! I love her singing! One of the best non-professional singers, in my opinion. Now a release of a new album, how about a return to TVB next. hmm...anyone else like that idea? *


Blogger masterliem said...

release album n back to home(TVB) is great ! home sweet home.

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