Monday, April 17, 2006

Song of the Day

I totally forgot that I have the Song of the Day to upload each day! Whoops! I'm so sorry! Well, today's song of day is definitely not an oldie. It's the song I'm going to sing this coming weekend!! Yay!!? lol...=) FYI, I'm not a good singer. hehe...=D I'm taking Chinese at my university, and this is what I'm going to perform! ehh... Anyway, today's song is by one of my favorite artist, Joey, and if you've heard of her canto version of "My Pride" (我的驕傲), this song is just the mando version of it. I'll be providing the lyrics of the song, too, so if you want to sing with me you can! (Please do!) Enjoy!

Song: 揮著翅膀的女孩 aka "The Girl w/ Brandished Wings"
Singer: Joey Yung 容祖兒

Download Here


當 我還是 一個懵懂的女孩
遇到愛 不懂愛 從過去 到現在
直到他 也離開 留我在雲海徘徊
明白沒人能取代 他曾給我的信賴

See me fly, I'm proud to fly up high
不能一直依賴 別人給我擁戴
Believe me I can fly, I'm singing in the sky
就算風雨覆蓋 我也不怕重來

我 已不是 那個懵懂的女孩
遇到愛 用力愛 仍信 真愛
風雨來 不避開 謙虛把頭低下來
像沙鷗來去天地 只為尋一個奇蹟

*See me fly (Let me fly), I'm proud to fly up high
 生命已經打開 我要那種精彩
 Believe me I can fly, I'm singing in the sky
 你曾經對我說 做勇敢的女孩*

我盼有一天能和你 相見
驕傲地對著天空說 是借著你的風

我不會獨單 因為你 都在


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