Wednesday, April 12, 2006

The Hype of TVB’s Dance of Passion Countdown: 18 days left!

Like yesterday's post of Charmaine Sheh, I am equally reluctant to do a post on Gigi Lai. Again, the ever-growing fan base of Gigi is getting bigger and bigger! I don't want to offend anyone on my post or say something that lead to misunderstanding of my intentions. Oh well...I'll just have to be very careful on my post today, just to be on the safe side. TVB Sidsation had just started, and it could very easily be scared away by angry fans! lol...j/k =) Welcome to today's special feature on Gigi Lai! Okay...lets begin!

Gigi Lai: The Underdog of TVB

I like the term "underdog." I heard/saw TVB Generation using it as her special feature on her blog, and today, I'm going to borrow it for my special feature! (Let's hope she doesn't mind! shh....=D ) Don't you think the term fits Gigi perfectly? I, for one, haven't notice many of Gigi's performance up until she won the Best Actress award. And I'm still wondering, what is so great with her performances? Someone in the series with Gigi, is always overshadowing her (coughs...Sheren Tang), has a more unique character than her (coughs...Sheren Tang), or more screen time than her (coughs...Sheren Tang). Well...okay, not more screen time, but it just captures our attentions more. =P But nonetheless, Gigi won the award, and she's actually proving how good she really is! Her series lately have been getting good reviews, saying her roles were on/off the best in the series, or just great! From others, not me, I heard that her role in The Charm Beneath was really really good. I haven't seen the series, so can't give my opinion on it. (hmm...Is it that good? huh...I guess I'll need to give it another try.) Anyway, her acting has improve a lot lately, in my opinion. Have you seen Shades of Truth? That has become one of my favorite characters of hers! Gigi was actually very good in it, and her chemistry with Julian (ChiLam) Cheung is a definite must see! Did the boost of winning help her shine even brighter than before? I think so!

What I really want to do now is to praise Gigi for a moment. I'm absolutely fascinated that she can stay with TVB for so long! In the 1990s, she films a series (like 1-2 a year), leaves, and comes back, and films another series, leaves, and comes back. A good way to keep the image fresh on the audience's mind, but for others, like me, who have bad memory, it's hard to keep up on how good she really is! The first series I saw of her was TVB's 1993? series, The Link, starring Gigi, Amy Kwok, Ada Choi, David Siu, Eddie Kwan, etc. I really liked Gigi then, since it was my first time seeing her act. But the next time I ever saw her act, it was in Doom to Oblivion, in 2002?! Too long of an absence of her onscreen for me. But now, I see her everywhere! lol...I guess I just need to get reacquainted with her acting. Give me some time.

Will I be supporting Gigi in Dance of Passion? umm...not sure, since I'm still......about her. I just may love her at the end of this series , I don't know! But I'm still in full support of Ada and Maggie. Will her character be anything like War and Beauty, since the cast and storyline seems so similar to each other? umm...I hope not! I want to see something different! But we'll just have to see how things go or what more info will be posted online about DOP. Like I said, I'm a very easy person to not like a person one minute, and love them the next! Let see...tomorrow is....Maggie Siu's turn! Yay!! I don't know what I'm going to write about her, but Yay!! lol...hope you guys continue reading!


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