Thursday, April 13, 2006

The Hype of TVB’s Dance of Passion Countdown: 17 days left!

Today, I'm going to be talking about Maggie Siu exclusively. I hardly ever hear anyone talking about her in any blogs that I've been to, or even in the news that much. So I guess I'm safe to say whatever I like and not have to worry at all! hehe.. =P Oh, and today's feature won't be as long as others. It's not that I don't have much to say, but I have to continue on studying for my exams. I might write more later...if I remember! =)

Maggie Siu: Dance of Passion's Wallflower

Wallflower: One who does not participate in the activity at a social event because of shyness or unpopularity.

hmm...a wallflower. Don't you think the definition fit Maggie perfectly? Out of the whole Dance of Passion cast (the main one), she's receiving the less recognition. Why are they constantly leaving Maggie out? hmm... Last time I checked, she's in the series. She's a veteran of TVB. She's an exceptional actress. She's really does keep herself looking young. What's wrong? Maybe because she's too old for this generation. Maybe her roles have just not brought her to the popularity she deserves. I don't know. What really inspired me to write about Maggie today was from reading this, and I quote, "《 火 舞 黃 沙 》 集 合 無 「 好 戲 」 小 生 花 旦 如 蔡 少 芬 、 黎 姿 、 佘 詩 曼 、 林 保 怡 與 陳 豪 等 之 力" aka "Dance of Passion is the combined strength of TVB's hit "Siu Sungs" and "Fai Dans" Ada Choi, Gigi Lai, Charmaine Sheh, Bowie Lam, and Moses Chan." you guys see what's wrong with that? What happen to Maggie's part? Why wasn't she mentioned in the news? huh...Interesting how reporters word news articles these days.

Maggie Siu, in my opinion, was one of TVB's best and have the most potential female artists in the early 1990s. Her hit series, Blood of Good and Evil was awesome! One of her best series ever! (in my opinion) and one of my favorites. =D Conscience was great, too! Both having her as female leads. But now, she's just rate as supporting actress. Take her role in Detective Investigation Files IV, for example; supporting role. At the Threshold of an Era? Supporting role. Perish in the Name of Love? Supporting role. ICAC Investigations? Gosh, no! That series was...bad! Literally, it's really bad. Okay...I hope I got my point across.

It's okay...everyone has their own opinions and judgements on things, especially over TVB. Wallflower is just a term that usually means people don't look at or just plain ignores a person. I have a feeling that that's what the audience is going to do. Ignore Maggie and continues watching DOP. Well, did I mention that although the person is a wallflower, that person will most likely have the best outcome! hehe... =) Will my predictions be right? I don't think I am! We'll just have to wait and see. Tomorrow is Friday!!! and the last of my main character lead list; ending with Moses Chan. After tomorrow, I have no clue what I'm going to write about or how I'm going to last for the next 16 days before the premiere of Dance of Passion. lol... Why did I ever said I would! hehe...luckily I don't back away from a challenge easily. Lets just see how tomorrow goes. Have a good day!

Quote source: TVB Chinese News Collection

Image source: Jayne Stars ; ; ent.tom

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well...a very good website w/ a lot of info about TVB indeed!

And in fact, I recently realised that there are still a lot of Maggie's fans all over the world...thanks to the internet!

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