Monday, April 17, 2006

The Hype of TVB’s Dance of Passion Countdown: 13 days left!

Yay!! There's less than...(counts on fingers) 2 weeks before the premiere of Dance of Passion!! Can't wait!! I'm seeing lots of people are making banners, avatars, wallpaper, etc. about DOP and they're gorgeous/great/beautiful/creative! I wish I can! =( I'd just installed my first photoshop ever! (that I own) and I can finally make some too!! That is once I finish reading everything I can about Photoshop. hehe...=P Well, until I do, here's more info about the cast and crew of DOP.

Jonathan Chik Kei Yi aka THE PRODUCER

How can we ever watch Dance of Passion or any other TVB series without the crew members that's behind the cameras! Meet Mr. Jonathan Chik Kei Yi (戚其義). He is the man/producer behind lots of TVB "hit" series: Cold Blood Warm Heart; At the Threshold of an Era I & II; Healing Hands I, II, III; Blade Heart...(okay, not that one! well, I didn't like it!) umm...Secret of the Heart; War & Beauty; etc. etc. Now he's our producer of DOP!

Fun fact to know, Chik Kei Yi has once dated Maggie Siu! That was back in the late 1980s and early 1990s. How...sweet? I'm sure they're still very good friends, since they'd worked together so many times. Anyway, I just found that out from browsing online about him. Old news? ehh...I don't know. Just a FYI for those who just found out, too. hehe...=)

Normally, when I watch a movie/series, I don't look at the behind-the-scene crew members, especially NOT the producers. I only look at who's in the series, what time period is it in, and when it's going to be release. Since I don't pay that much attention, there really isn't much I can say about Chik Kei Yi. I've heard of him numerous of times when artists thanks him or when I read his name in the news. Today is the first? time I've actually seen him. Really really pay close attention to what he looks like. (looks at his picture) No. When I pass by him in the streets, I won't be shouting "Hey, that's Chik Kei Yi! OMG!!" No....I'll probably just keep on walking. Never would I have guess he's a producer TVB! Of course, this may be just me, since I tend not to pay much attention. =/

Chik Kei Yi + WAB = Success! Chik Kei Yi + DOP = ? Let see...Same cast. Same crew (I think). Based from WAB storyline ( a little). I think Dance of Passion is gonna be a big hit, don't you think? What I'm most curious to know right now is WHO's going to be singing the themesong to DOP? Bowie? (I hope not!) Bowie and Gigi? Moses? Instrumental? lol...don't know! That's for me to browse around and you to find out...soon! Have a good day!

Special Thanks:
TVBsquare: for giving me the idea!
Toomanysidesofme: for helping me with the images!
Jayne: for translating a very detail article about Maggie Siu (relating to Chik Kei Yi)!


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