Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Congrats to Mr. & Mrs. Hacken Lee!

Today, Nov. 28th, 2006, is the official day in which Hacken Lee and Emily Lo finally tie the knot together! Woohoo!! Invitations were released earlier in October with a supreme amount of secrecy toward the media and press, which is understandable.

The wedding invitations were very unique and special; encompassing both Emily and Hacken's careers (Hacken's success in the music industry and Emily's victory in 1992's MHK Pageant). Although the colors chosen (black & gold) aren't the traditional colors use (red & gold), it's still very pretty. I just like how creative it is, don't you? At least the guests will be happy, not having to receive a "red bomb" in the mail! =P

So far, every picture I've seen of the couple's wedding that were released was kept simple, but elegant. Nothing over the top and not that extravagant, as like the grand staircase shown here. Maid of honor was Emily's sister, and other bridesmaids included Ada Choi and Margaret Chung. Best Man of the night was the none other, Andy Lau with brothers, Joey Leung, and others.

What a star-studded night it must have been. But what better way than to have all your friends and love ones there present in witness of your special day! After 14 years of dating, Hacken Lee and Emily Lo officially became our Mr.& Mrs. Hacken Lee today. Congratulations to them, and may forever they be happy and live a wonderful life together. =)

Additional Pics:


Blogger j00ky said...

Thanks so much for this.. I had tears in my eyes just looking at those pics.. so sooo happy for the lovely couple! :D

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