Monday, December 11, 2006

Studying...Cramming...same thing

Hi everyone! Sidney here speaking! I'm still around, alive and well if anyone's interested. ;-) Finals or semester exams are this week for me. Whoopie! (twirls finger around) And I'm not in particularly too excited about it. Am I ready? Umm...I can say yes...and I can say no. It all depends on how we look at it. =P An update for this blog should be up by Friday, December 15th, when my finals are all over! Yay! do expect something special! I should have something up my sleeves to post, but that all depends on how well I gather enough sources for it. Until then, leave me a message of good luck as I will definitely need it! =)

*Coffee would be nice, too, if you happen to be brewing any. =D*


Anonymous Anonymous said...

good luck! finals suck don't they :D

9:55 PM 
Blogger Em said...

good luck sid!! bowl them over!!


7:00 PM 
Anonymous Di said...

Liar. YOu don't even drink coffee. :-P

12:46 PM 
Blogger Sidney said...

anonymous: lol...agreed. I'm not a big of them.

Em: Thanks a lot! =) I'll try my best!

阿大,'ve finally posted! Surprised I am. Yes...I don't normally drink coffee, but final week is an exception. Don't see you drinking any yourself. Did we ran out?

4:37 PM 
Anonymous Tinley said...

Hi I'm from France, and I will have my final exam too... final exam semester 1.

2:43 PM 

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