Tuesday, December 19, 2006

What's up with TVB?

Took another couple days off from blogging lately to catch up on my TVB series watching. and to rest up of course. ;-) It was nice! Along with going to work, fold my mountain high pile of laundry, did some Christmas shopping, and other odds and ends going on in my life, nothing much happened to me. I have such an interesting life, huh? (sarcasm)

Finished watching "To Grow with Love" (肥田囍事) and I have to say this series was awful! A total waste of time! What's worth watching? Umm...the first couple of episodes maybe? What's not worth watching? The rest of the series. However, I have to give Myolie credit for being brave enough to gain all those extra pounds. (applause) But the storyline was just so cheesy! It stretched out so so so long! (sigh) What a disappointment! (this is just my opinion; you may think differently)

Currently watching "Return of the Condor Heroes '83" (神鵰俠侶) and I'm absolutely obsess with this series! It's so good! It's been ages since I last saw it and it's still every bit as great as I remember it to be. Did you ever had that feeling that you just can't let the series go and have to watch what happens next non-stop? Well, that's what happening to me. =D The storyline is what I'm in love with, along with every character created by JinYong, the songs sung by Roman Tam and Jenny Tseng, and especially the ending! Everything fits so perfectly that I fail to find anything to complain about! How come I can't find that satisfactions in any of TVB series I'd watched recently? Am I too picky or do you guys feel the same way?

Next series I'm watching? Dicey Business most likely, but I'm not going to start that until after the New Year. What better way to start off 2007 then with Jessica Hsuan series for me! =D "Glittering Days" I'm going to skip completely. Something about it I just don't like and not interested. hmm... =/ "The Conquest" (争霸) aka "Warlords." What in the world is that series? I tried very hard to remember who was in it, but no one popped up in my mind. Apparently it's a Sonija Kwok and Joe Ma series. Very surprised that TVB chose to air it right now, when obviously they need something that would help boost up their ratings. Sonija is known to have bad ratings when her series are aired! (E.g. "Lethal Weapons of Love and Passion" and "Land of the Wealth"). Umm...smart move? Joe Ma is headlining news with so many negative reports of him cheating wife lately. TVB still willing to air his series despite it all?! Interesting... (sigh) TVB's way of thinking...so strange and hard to understand.


Anonymous endlessjoy said...

I think it's because TVB doesn't have high hopes for this series that they broadcast it now. This is around the time when ratings are low, and TVB don't want to waste the strong series, so they just broadcast this one now. Usually, series that are broadcasts during this time and Chinese New Years are series that TVB don't have much of a high expectation for.

12:25 PM 
Anonymous K TVB said...

Glad I didn't really watch "To Grow with Love". I did watch bits and got annoyed at the acting and story =\

Glittering Days is ok, but Dicey Business is a MUST SEE!! =D

12:11 AM 
Blogger Darcy said...

I finished TO GROW WITH LOVE about 3 weeks ago, and I agree, there was just a lot that didn't make a whole lot of sense. That being said, I really enjoyed Andy's acting, even though it was hard for me to see them as a couple considering the kind of ppl they were. I wrote a short review about the series. It was my first time writing about TVB, so if you have time, hope you will check it out. Happy Holidays!


12:00 AM 
Blogger Joanne said...

i agree with you the conder hero 83 is the best SERIES!!!! when i watched it for hte first time and i had school i kept watching it more and more pasted mid night everyday

4:16 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

i loved 'to grow with love'!
it was so awesome and cute!

8:57 PM 

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