Friday, December 15, 2006

I'm back!

I’m freeee……!!!!! lol…yay! It feels strange not having to lug my backpack around when packing up for the weekend. Ehh…but I’ll definitely get use to it! ;-) On regards about the “special” article I was going to write about/post…umm…that’s not going to happen. I completely forgot what I wanted to do! Something to do with Christmas, holiday shopping, and of course, TVB. hmm…maybe I’ll remember it over the weekend.

Let us talk about the entertainment news instead, shall we?

*Hint hint, I’ll be talking about the “trapeze incident” mostly, so if you don’t want to hear me babble, then I would suggest you quit reading right….NOW!*

The annual “Tung Wah Charity Show” 《歡樂滿東華》 happened about a week ago, and the controversies, not to mention the popularities of Yumiko Cheng’s flying trapeze incident skyrocketed! Unbelievable! Is it really necessary to blow it up so big? I just now started to watch the show myself (it’s about 5 hrs long btw) and you really can’t see anything! Yes, I feel sorry for Yumiko to have such an incident, live on TV, in front of millions of viewers happened to her, but…but..still! The paparazzi should just let it go. How different can it possibly be from the annual Miss Hong Kong pageants?! Asia once wrote about an article concerning this year’s MHK pageant and their “cameltoes.” Now that was bad! On the bright side, Yumiko, you might have the chance win the “'Four Electronic Media Syndicated Award” this year. No artists are getting as much media attention than you! Good job! (j/k!!)

Speaking of the trapeze performance, I felt so sorry for Eric Tsang and all the bashings everyone is giving him. If you had actually seen the entire segment, other than just Yumiko’s pants getting pulled off, everyone was literally silenced! Even the MCs were speechless. Eric basically was the 1st one to break the moment and crack up a joke. Nothing wrong with that. Its way better then awkward silence with the camera was still rolling and live on TV. Whoever bashed at Eric Tsang, I’m sorry, but I’m against you on this one.

Btw, seeing Kenny Wong, AGAIN, was…ugh! I’m so tire of seeing him over and over and over again! Sure, he won the “Best Supporting Actor” award this year, and his popularity skyrocketed since the airing of “Dance of Passion” but do I have to see him on every variety program I choose to watch! Geez!


Anonymous Bella said...

I absolutely agree! What is the big deal with the whole Yumiko incident anyway? She was wearing a thong....who cares? You see Paris Hilton and Britney Spears in the tabloid not wearing any underwear and its just common daily gossip. But when a HK star does a charity performance with a wardrobe malfunction the paparazzi plays it up like its the biggest thing on earth!
Who really cares?

Yumiko has a really good body anyway so there was othing to be ashamed of!

11:05 AM 

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