Monday, November 06, 2006

Song from "To Grow with Love"

Today is the premiere of the 2nd TVB Anniversary series being aired: "Glittering Days" 《東方之珠》. Which means Charmaine racks up a total of 5? series aired this year. Impressive!! The first 2 were a bomb (meaning bad), the next 2 was okay, and now the newest one...very curious to know how well it would be received by the HK audience, compared to the hyped "To Grow with Love" 《肥田喜事》. Speaking of TGWL, the average ratings for this series is just 32 points, for the 2nd straight week in a row. Not too high, but not too low either; just average. Definitely surprising.

Been around forums, read some comments, and saw that lots of people are enjoying this one song, "Sol #4," played during the scene where Myolie Wu is chasing after Matthew Ko. Does the song sound familiar to you? If so, it was also played in "A Recipe for the Heart" 《美味天王》, when Cheung Dat Ming was chasing after Esther Kwan, and Jessica Hsuan chasing Cheung Dat Ming. lol....a bit complicated situation there. Anyways, I knew I had that song somewhere in my CD album, and finally founded it! Uploaded and sharing it with you guys! Hope you guys enjoy the song! Btw, the lyrics are posted up, too, in case you want to sing-along. =)

Side Note: the song was from a concert of William So's, so it's not the original full-version of the song, but still a good 3+ min. long. Lyrics edited by me, so it matches the song provided. =)

Song: Sol #4
Artist: William So 蘇永康

Download Here


低聲說笑 沉醉浪漫
完全是沒有意料 竟可有目前

輕輕說句 懷裡心事
完全是沒有意料 竟可有目前

* 如陽光 妳將痴心亮起
那份愛 灼熱我心內 *

# 難忘是在那快樂一息間
低聲說笑 沉醉浪漫
完全是沒有意料 竟可有目前
那快樂記心窩 #

Repeat: * # * **

** 如陽光 妳將痴心亮起
那份愛永不滅 照著我 **


Anonymous Anonymous said...

thanks for the song. i didn't notice the song when i watched the episode but i've gone back. good scene + good song.

thnx again!


8:46 PM 
Blogger Sidney said...

Hi Michelle! Glad you like the song. Yes, agree that is a great moment and very funny, too. The part were Myolie was preparing a speech when confronting Matthew for the first time, the I'm the flower of your stem, was great! =)

5:56 PM 

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