Wednesday, February 28, 2007

The Brink of Law: For the Good or for the Worse?

*Warning: May contain spoiler to TBOL; read only if you had finished this series or just want to hear me ramble. =) *

*Warning II: This is purely based on my opinion & my thoughts. Please don't take my bashing of your artists to heart. =) *

Just finished "The Brink of Law" a couple days ago. Okay, more like a week or 2 ago. I was just too busy to do a little post about it, plus my internet at home isn't working right now (thumps router). So, if you catch me online, most likely I'm on campus, despite how late in the evening it is. (sigh) Anyways, one word to sum up TBOL: good! But for to what extent?

The Cast (the good):

TVB is doing great this year, airing series w/ an amazing cast ensemble put together. And "The Brink of Law" is one of them. Everyone's (almost everyone) acting, chemistry, facial expression, hand gestures are perfect. ( lol...yeah...I'm just making these up here. I have no clue what I'm really talking about, just that I like it!). My favorite character: Michelle Yim's Sung Gum Jee. She is awesome! Unlike other typical TVB series, where the villain is reveal later in the storyline, Michelle's background or her evilness is unveil in Episode 1. I kinda like that. Less I have to think about who's the bad guy.

Shirley Yeung's character is very similar to Michelle's, but for the worse. I meant her character. Not a bad performance for Shirley, despite her 1st time acting in as an evil character. Definitely a convincing role for me.

Elliot Yue, I had no clue whatsoever who he was before I watched this series, just that he does bares a rather strong resemblance to my uncle! lol..I may be just hallucinating here & wanting a veteran actor as an uncle. hehe...anyway, I really like him. He's a great actor. Possibly it's just me: but w/ him there in some scenes that features Ron, Kate, or Bernice w/ him, it just makes the whole scene much better. Brings their character out a bit more.

Steven Ma: no need to comment about him. He's just awesome!

The Not so Good Performances:

Like I mention: Ron, Kate, & Bernice. Their characters are so...unconvincing! Still! Ron, I expected more out of him, since he's been around for awhile now, and I thought he could be better. But I really can't see any improvements that others mentioned! Sorry! I'm beginning to wonder if it was his character that I don't like and not Ron himself. hmm...(scratches chin) No, I think it's still Ron! ;-) TBOL is Kate's 2nd series that I finished watching. Besides that her hairstyle looks similar to her LFD's Ida character and her acting is about the same, too. I really can't find anything much to say about Kate, other than she's ANNOYING! My gosh! I'm avoiding Kate Tsui at all cost, that is, until "First Beats" airs. (Joey fan here).

Bernice is stunning in this series, like any of her series. Very mature and stylish. But her acting is still not up to par. Expressionless on some scenes. Her Chinese improved immensely, so gave her some credit there.

Favorite Moments:
  • all Michelle Yim and Stephen Wong scenes; especially the way he died. So sad!
  • the bickering between Michelle Yim & Elliot Yue
  • Steven Ma & Ha Yue's father-son relationship
  • Steven & Bernice's scene; very cute
Should you give TBOL a try? I would say most definitely "YES." However, if you find yourself pressing the "Fast Forward" button once in awhile, don't worry. It's a natural reaction. *cough* especially during the Ron & Kate's scenes *cough*

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

News article that just made my day

Kinda late posting my comments now but still wanted to do it. Couple days ago, Em @ TVB Space translated an article about Kate Tsui and Ron Ng being voted as the worst onscreen couple on a discussion board. After reading about it, I couldn't help but laughed out loud for a good couple of minutes. Why? Well, because I 100% whole-heartedly agrees w/ them. They really are terrible!

Everyone knows (almost everyone) that I'm not too thrill w/ Ron & his acting. Kate...I wasn't too happy w/ her performance in LFD; overacted in numerous scenes. But I still took the chance and watched them together in "The Brink of Law," which btw, I'm loving it (the series, not them). Am I enjoying their individual screen times? Nope! Am I enjoying their screen time as a couple? Nope! Am I enjoying their chemistry as a couple? Nah...something about them just isn't clicking on their performances in TBOL. I may be picky about them. (true) And I may be bias. (also true) But I don't think TVB should pair them up together any time soon. Believe me, Ronate is just not meant to be as a good couple. (shakes head)

Saturday, February 17, 2007

Happy Chinese New Year!

新年快樂!! Hi guys! Sidney, here, wishes everyone a warm and wonderful Chinese New Year! Hope you guys collect a lot of "lai see" (red packets) ($$$) and in the year of the pig, everything will run smoothly for you, whether in education, family, love, or at work. 恭喜發財! 恭喜...恭喜...!! =)

I don't really have anything special to share, definitely no red packets will be given out by me! lol.. but here's a Chinese New Year MV of TVB's 2006 Favorite Male & Female Singer, Eason Chan & Joey Yung, to greet everyone into the New Year! Enjoy! (it's pretty funny & cute) =D

Credits: no.16 @ & tomato_ki226 @ LJF

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Happy Valentine's Day, Everyone!

Happy Valentine's Day, you guys! Hope each and everyone of you have a wonderful day w/ friends, family, or love ones. =)

Love Always,

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

"Best Bet:" Good Themesong, Bad Themevideo

"Best Bet" (迎妻接福) started airing yesterday; replacing the time slot of "The Brink of Law." I haven't started on this series yet (not sure if I would later), but I saw the theme video from Metal's blog, so just sharing my thoughts about it. First off, I'm really enjoying the themesong! The tune is so catchy, the lyrics are cute, and Linda Chung really did a great job singing it. Really surprised me that it was just Linda singing solo, instead of a duet w/ Michael Tse. Michael can sing! TVB gave him the male lead role, might as well give him a part in the themesong, too. (sigh) But I'm not complaining that much of the final product.

Too bad I can't really say the same thing about the themevideo though, since it's so...I don't how how to describe it. Cut and paste? Paper Mario style? The old style Batman with all the "Booms" & "Pows!" huh....something along that range of thoughts. Really makes me wonder if the video was produced by the same guy who made the hideous New Year's card of the cropped artists' head on piggy bodies. Eek!

Friday, February 09, 2007

What's going on in Sidney's life...

My life has been hectic lately. Lots to do, but so little time. Everything seems to be cramming in at once. It's getting pretty frustrating around here. But here's a brief rundown of my lack of updates (excuses, excuses, excuses...) :

1.) Exams; exams have come around once again. Nothing new, but definitely something I need to worry about. (sigh)

2.) Illness; I'd been sick for 3 weeks consecutively. It's not fun and I'm tired of taking medicine. I starting to think I'm more immune to them than the flu that's flying around! geez!

3.) I'm going to CHINA! Yay! That's is, I'm going to China this summer for a study abroad program. fun! Going there to work on my putonghua. (Ni hao!) Anyways, nothing is finalized yet, but I'm crossing my fingers. =D Any fan of mine from China? Hi hi!! =)

4.) Reality shows; TVB hasn't been all that exciting to me lately (surprising, especially coming from me), so I switched over and turned on my television set instead. Reality shows are popping up lately, and I'm a loving it! "Beauty & the Geek," "American Idol," "Survivor: Fiji," and the newest seasons of "Amazing Race: All Stars" & "America's Next Top Model" coming soon! My life will be revolving around them, so an early apology if I really slack off from updating. =)

TVB Related:

I'd started on "The Brink of Laws" recently and it's good! Not surprising, since so many of my favorite artists are starring in it! =) Did I ever mention that I love it's themesong?! Well, if I haven't, I love it! Go Steven!...and Ron, too. I'll be nice to him, since he really did a pretty good job singing this time around. Speaking of Ron, I find his role as "Leo" very unconvincing so far. He's too nice! Does anyone happen to think the same way? But then again, I just started, so I might change my mind about him later. Well, that's all for now; possibly more updates of my 2cents of "TBOL" later as I continue watching. Hopefully this week's ratings surpass 35 pts, better than previous weeks, since it's the series finale. Go go go!!

Monday, February 05, 2007

Bernice saves Steven from harm

Source: the Sun

We hear the term “hero saving a damsel in distress” often, but how about “a damsel saving a hero” instead? Earlier, Bernice Liu and Steven Ma were filming for their newest series: “The Entire City Dances” 《舞動全城》 for a car accident scene in which Bernice runs out to save Steven from being hit by a car. Without using a stunt person or any safety padding, Bernice dove out and pushed Steven away from a fast approaching car, with her head hitting the rear of the car, acting exactly like a stunt personnel herself! Her courageousness is definitely worth praising.

Bernice and Steven paired up as a couple in “The Brink of Law,” 《突圍行動》 and in their new action/dancing series “The Entire City Dances”, they will once again reunite as a couple onscreen. Earlier the two were in filming at Sai Wan Ho for a car accident scene when the director wanted to try a newer version of “hero saving a damsel in distress;” having the female saving the male instead!

The scene talks about how Steven carelessly runs out into the street, and meets up with fast approaching traffic. Bernice pushes him to safety, but in the end, gets hit by the car herself! During filming, Bernice declined the usage of a stunt; wanting to personally film the scene. After hearing the instructions and practiced a couple of times, Bernice was ready to go. First, the vehicle will brush Bernice to the ground; then her head will bounce off the rear side of the car. Because the scene was film so realistically, it attracted quite a crowd to standby and watch.

Bernice is still recuperating from a cold she had earlier, leaving her voice rather hoarse. Seeing her in such conditions, the director tried to give Bernice as few dialogues as possible, such as this scene where Bernice just needs to cry out Steven’s character name. But because of Bernice’s hoarse voice, the scene will probably need to be dubbed later.

When asked about how it feels to be the hero and saving Steven, Bernice laughed aloud and said, “I know! Isn’t it supposed to be the male saving the female instead? But it was OK. Reversing the situation makes me feel very heroic!”

Louis has surprise ready for Kay on Valentine's Day

Source: the Sun

Yesterday, Kay Tse had an autograph signing session for her newest CD “The First Day” at Tuen Mun; attracting over 200 fans present. Kay said she is not worry about her fans acting wildly around. “They are all very cooperative and understanding. Some, automatically, becoming my bodyguards, too!” Already 5 months pregnant, Kay has already gained 20 lbs. and scheduled herself into a private hospital whenever she gives birth; hoping to avoid any clashing with another pregnant woman over a bed during labor.

Since this year would be the first Valentine’s Day spend as husband and wife, Kay’s husband, Louis Cheung, specially arranged for a surprise for his wife. Previously, because the couple did not set a reservation at a restaurant last year, they had to celebrate Valentine’s Day at a cafe diner.

Bernice doesn’t give presents on Valentine’s Day

Source: Wenweipo

Bernice Liu attended computer promotional event for Lenovo yesterday. Since it was her second year as spokesperson for the company, the pay was ideally good. When asked if she uses MSN often, Bernice revealed that since most of her family resides out of the country, she often uses it to chat with her sister at night.

With Valentine’s Day coming up soon, Bernice revealed that she has to film for “The Entire City Dances” that day. “For the past couple of years, I spent my Valentine’s Day at work, so I’m pretty much used to it.” Did you buy any gifts for anyone? “No. In foreign countries, the male buys the gift for the female. I’m more accustomed not giving out any gifts that day.”

Thursday, February 01, 2007

Where is MetalAZNWarrior?

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Yup, that's the question that lies within everyone's head right now. Or for most people... MetalAZNWarrior aka Metal has been missing for over a week now, and no one seems to know exactly where he is?! A little unbelievable and sad, but it's true. Metal has been abducted from us! I don't know if it's a good thing or a bad thing. hmm... (scratches chin) J/K!!! I'm not THAT mean to him! lol... Metal, if you're reading this, why aren't you revealing yourself to us? We miss you!'s "we," meaning I miss you, too. Remember, you have an obligation to entertain us with your satirical pieces! Contract signed and everything. If you need to refresh your memory, watch VOH episode 399 (hint..hint..hint...). Hope to hear from you soon...using your real username! ;-)

Speaking of Metal, I have to take the time to thank him for providing many numerous episodes of "Virtues of Harmony II" episodes for me to watch. Well, not just me, for any VOH fan out there that hasn't had the opportunity to finish the series in his VOH Forum. =) I'd finished "Dicey Business" for quite some time now, and was just about to start "The Brink of Law," but instead, I'm watching VOH II once again. "Virtues..." can be a very addictive series to watch, with it's episode lasting approximately 20+ min/episode. Which leaves me wanting more! (1 of the reasons I petition Metal to come back!). hehe... =P

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Linda Chung hasn't been on my good side lately, especially for the past couple of series I saw her in. Nothing so special. But something about her "Hung Bak Lam" character in VOH II is so intriguing. I'm assuming it's because of her chemistry with Steven Ma, that's making it so captivating to watch. hmm... Really can't blame Metal for loving them so much! I'm liking this pair, too. Aren't they cute? (pic above) Oh dear god, I am turning into to MetalAZNWarrior here; talking so much about VOH! Yikes! =/ Hope my little post today will encourage TVB Musing's webmaster to show up online once again. Cheers!