Sunday, September 30, 2007

Upcoming Posts on TVB Sidsation time sure went by real fast for the year 2007. Just a blink of an eye, TVB's anniversary is a little over a month away. Time to take out the sledgehammers and chainsaws again and start bashing each other with it; a little annual event amongst fans leading toward the Anniversary. lol..personally, I find it quite amusing as I often join along with the "fun" (that is, if my favorite artists don't get pulled into the mayhem). So please, warning to all, remember to take cover and don't get too riled up of what we (I) have to say. =D

Like I said earlier, just a little over a month before it's time for the Anniversary or should I say the "annual" award ceremony for TVB. I think it's time to give our little shout-out of who we think would be victorious for this year's award ceremony, don't you think?

Following last year's format, I'm assuming TVB's going to be giving out 16 awards again this year, such as:
  • Best Drama 最佳劇集
  • Best Actor in a Leading Role 最佳男主角
  • Best Actress in a Leading Role 最佳女主角
  • Best Actor in a Supporting Role 最佳男配角
  • Best Actress in a Supporting Role 最佳女配角
  • Most Vastly Improved Actor 飛躍進步男藝員
  • Most Vastly Improved Actress 飛躍進步女藝員
  • Lifetime Achievement Award 萬千光輝演藝大獎
  • Best Television Presenter 最佳節目主持
  • Best Variety or Informative Program 最佳綜藝資訊節目
  • Most Enjoyable Value Award 最具欣賞價值大獎
  • Best Promotional Clip 最佳宣傳片
  • Most Creative Program 最具創意節目
  • Best Foreign Purchased Program 最佳外購節目
  • My Favourite Male Character Role 我最喜愛的電視男角色
  • My Favourite Female Character Role 我最喜愛的電視女角色
Over the course of the next couple of days/weeks, I'll be giving out my predictions (top 5) for each category and possibly my explanations of why I chose them. Feel free to shout out your predictions, too, and remember to stay tune!

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Artists' commentary about the filming of "Steps"

Credit & Uploaded by: 孤寂的天使
Commentaries of: Wayne Lai, Steven Ma, Fala Chen, Bernice Liu, Stephen Huynh, Matthew Ko

Sidney: Wasn't sure if this clip was posted before by another site, but I thought it was kinda cool hearing the artists' memorable moments/hardest scene/etc. throughout the filming of the "Steps." Clip should have been aired before its premiere. Btw, loving the series right now. Thanks for the recommendations. Hope you enjoy the clips! =)

Clip 1:

Clip 2:

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

CRHK's Interview w/ Bernice Liu

Credits & Uploaded by: maise0214

-Bernice was interviewed on September 21st, by Eileen Cha on 巴巴閉邊個夠我查篤撐.
-News gossip revolves around
  • Bernice being name as TVB's top earning artist
  • her recent trip to Taiwan for TVB's calendar shoot
  • some behind the scene info during the filming of "Steps" (the injuries, her dance scenes with Mathew Ko, the rivalry between her and Fala, the kiss scene w/ Steven while sporting a 105 degree fever, etc.)
  • if Bernice has confidence in winning this year's Most Improved Actress award

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Blessing Ceremony clip for "When a Dog Falls in Love with a Cat"

Source: Scoop 9-24-07 @

-Bernice tells Scoop that she's a guest appearance in the series and that her dog, Bailey has a bigger role than her.
-Myolie's cat will also be in the series; Myolie is worried that her cat won't be able to meet the standards the director/producer are looking for.
-Lui Fong reveals that he's scare of all animals, but was impressed on how well-behaved and obedient they were during filming.
-Gallen expresses his thoughts coming back to TVB and openly praised Tracy Ip.

Monday, September 24, 2007

Moving along...

It's been awhile since I last updated this blog; thought it's about time I started posting again before I lose all my readers. lol...

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Finished watching "On the First Beat" for awhile now, and like everyone said, it was just an okay series. Okay...I lied, it was a pretty boring series. Nothing much happened! Definitely didn't live up to "The Academy" at all. (sigh) So disappointing. The new cast TVB put together for the sequel (except for Ron, Sammul, etc.) was...not something to be excited about? Originally, I was all for seeing Joey act in a series, which she did okay, but man...what she wore throughout the series was hideous! (E.g. at her brother's wedding) Kate Tsui's character was annoying as ever as Man Ching (contradicting her Chinese name); very loud and obnoxious. Sonija & Michael really had lots of screen time together, but majority of time, they're just staring off into space or at each other. I bet the series could be cut down to 25 episodes if TVB just edit out those scenes. One more final thought: Sammul Chan is now on my black list after watching this series. (-_-)

Recent News:

-Latest news, Producer Leung mentioned that a sequel for "Steps" is in consideration. Isn't that a bit too soon to decide on a sequel? I'm just starting on this series after seeing endless praises for it (can't resist a dancing series), so can't comment much, but still...
-TVB's 40th Anniversary Series: "Steel Lips Silver Teeth" & "The Ultimate Crime Fighter." Personally, I'm not favoring either one. 1) It's another Charmaine Sheh series. After seeing her in the 60 episodes "Drive of Life," I believe HK viewers might want a break from her. 2) Another Kevin Cheng & Gigi Lai series. Why? 2 words: "Life Art." Need more reasons? (No offense to any Charmaine, Kevin, or Gigi fans intended)

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Kevin replaces Moses for Anniversary Month

(Supposed to leave on the 9th, Kevin stays one more day for photo
shoot with Charmaine, Jessica, and Roger)

Source: Next #914

Every year TVB produces an annual calendar, indicating which artists would TVB promote in the following year. Normally, artists that appear on the calendar are either TVB’s #1 brothers and sisters or artists that are well received by the public. This year TVB will feature over 60 artists in their 2008 calendar, along with only 4 of the months will have location scenery of Taiwan as a background.

Supposedly, on September 9th, Kevin Cheng was to have his calendar photo shoot along with Kate Tsui, Sarah Song, etc. at a Taiwan location scene. However when Kevin found out that he was to pair with Kate, etc. and his calendar month was May (nothing special in May), his face immediately darken and requested to be switched! Originally, scheduled on 10th of September for the November month photo shoot was Charmaine Sheh, Jessica Hsuan, Roger Kwok, and Moses Chan, but due to Moses’ “sudden” flight cancellation, Kevin filled in the vacant spot.

From what was learn, Kevin was unhappy with the pairings TVB made, indicating Kate’s not qualify enough to place along side him. Kevin expressed his dissatisfactions to the executives and at the end, got his way, as Moses is out and he was in.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Jessica, Roger, & Kevin battled with Instruments

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Source: Singtao & Sina

With this year being TVB’s 40th Anniversary, TVB specially asked the renowned Stanley Kwan to be the director for their 40th anniversary calendar photo shoot. Earlier this week, Charmaine Sheh, Roger Kwok, Jessica Hsuan, Kevin Cheng, Leanne Li, Anna Yau, Queenie Chu, Sung Chih Ling, and 8 others were present in a remote area in Taipei for the November (anniversary month) photo shoot. Stanley instructed the females to hold either feathers or handkerchiefs, while the guys hold instruments in their hands. Standing in the front row were Charmaine Sheh, Jessica Hsuan, Roger Kwok, and Kevin Cheng.

During break time, Jessica picked up one of the trumpets lying around and started to blow into it. Sparking his interest, Roger went over, took the trumpet from Jessica’s hand, and blew into it himself; started an instrument playing/blowing contest! Kevin soon join in with the fun; grabbing a saxophone to play; turning the scene into a musical instrument war!

Being named as TVB’s #1 sister, Charmaine was reportedly bashed by the public as being arrogant. For example, in TVB's current airing series "The Drive of Life," Charmaine's acting is criticize as being way too over the top (over-acting); causing the ratings to not meet ideal standards. Charmaine's character, "Wing Sau Fung" was,too, not a favorite amongst the audience. Instead, they favor Jessica's Wah Ching Yu" much more. Supposedly, when Jessica was to be in the photo shoot with Charmaine, etc, Charmaine's face immediately darken. Too further enhance the situation; Jessica was to stand in the middle, in the front beside Roger, while Charmaine and Kevin stood on either side of them. The speculations of the 2 ladies at odds with each other appeared to be false, as they were frequently seen chatting in the make-up room and in-between takes.

Sunday, September 09, 2007

"Steps" Character Introduction


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Name: Lee Sum Ying (Berice Liu)
Personality: Open-minded, lively, healthy (energetic), and perseverant. Always willing to help others; spreading love happiness around her. Willing to fight for what is right; seeks justice. Loves to exercise and participate in any sort of outdoor activities.

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Name: Ching Ka Jun (Steven Ma)
Personality: Smart and witty. Does everything to either protect or for himself. Enjoys life to its fullest; whether it’s eat, drink, play, or have fun, he’s the best. At any given point, he likes to munch on snacks, and once started, it’s hard for him to stop!

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Name: Victoria Yeung Sze Man (Kate Tsui)
Personality: Born from a wealthy family. Never had to think of others, as if she wants, she goes after it. Conceited and ill-temper. Determinant and willing to accept new concepts. However, she’s way too inexperience, taking big leaps at what she’s not ready for.

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Name: Lee Lik Keung (Wayne Lai)
Personality: Handles matter at smooth and leisurely pace. Has never let anyone down. At work, strives to do everything right (from getting blame). Normally seen with a smile on his face. Treats his love life very seriously, however, has a strong ego. At the end, is a guy who’s scared of wife.

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Name: Karman Ching Ka Mun (Fala Chen)
Personality: Have a very beautiful outer appearance. Is like by many (guys, I’m assuming). Loves to dress up and dance. Very stubborn. Doesn’t put effort into her work. Knows how to take advantage of situations for her own benefit.

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Name: Donna Yau Lam Lam (Claire Yiu)
Personality: Holds strong responsibility/priority for her family. Everything she does is for the welfare of them. Nice and easy to get along with; willing to help others. Loves to dress up, but is very thrifty, unwilling to spend her money frivolously. Very careless and forgetful about her work. Doesn’t have much of a goal for her future.

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Name: Dickson Mai Dik Sung (Matthew Ko)
Personality: Arrogant; thinks highly of himself. Opinionated. Sets very high standards for himself and those around him (sometimes, too high of standards). Loves to dance; has big ambitions about his future.

More Characters:

Mannor Chan- Dik (Ching) Bo Bo (Steven & Fala's mom)
Kwok Fung- Yeung Hon To (Kate's dad)
Wu Fung- Yeung Sing (Kate's grandfather)
Stephen Wong- Yau Seung Dat (Claire's younger brother)
Stephen Huynh- Wallace Cho Wah Lun